questionswhat have you deep fried with success?


Turkey. Best bird ever!


I've successfully deep fried chicken when I was trying to replicate the KFC Chicken Little recipe. Although they were tasty, it didn't taste like Chicken Littles.

Also, around that same time, I successfully cooked onion rings, which were delicious, and tasty, but totally not worth all the effort, fries.

I've also learned that corn oil stinks up the whole place. Stick to veggie/peanut oil.


I just have to chime in about deep fried turkey...

Deep fried turkey for Thanksgiving is the best. The meat is so moist. I've found a local place that deep fries turkey and we've had it for a few years now.

For all the people attempting to do it themselves, you should really reconsider. Special equipment may be needed because a turkey, on average, is larger than your average deep fryer. Also you may need to do it outside and away from your residence. Stories of fires and injuries caused by amateurs attempting to deep fry turkey for Thanksgiving are abundantly available online.


@claudicina: You do know, there is a middle ground.


dill pickles

corned beef, cabbage & potato egg rolls with a Thousand Island type dipping sauce (I made 4 dozen for a St. Patrick's Day party one year and they were ALL gone with in 10 minutes)


@lavikinga: That's the kind of food I am thinking of. How did you fry the pickles? Plain or with batter? I want to try simple stuff like ice cream and chocolate bars.


My right upper arm & shoulder


@claudicina: Foods high in carbs are cheaper. It's actually more expensive to eat healthy. Pasta, rice, beans..all great meal stretchers for those who need to make their dollar scream.


I make my famous Deep Fried Smores every Thanksgiving and Christmas. They are the bee's knees!


@ferrisbueller: A combination of a light batter and cracker dust/cornmeal/flour combo for the pickles.


Personally, nothing. The last time I tried to deep fry something I ended up setting off the fire alarm.


@claudicina: Well, you saw my 1st comment. I was trying to fry some chicken (I LOVE fried chicken) and have not really tried. I, accidentally, dropped the last piece into the oil and it splashed onto my face and onto my right arm. I was so panicked about my face, I didn't rush to wipe my are.


1) Great tasting fried chicken
2) Messy stove & oil on the floor
3) 2nd degree burns on my shoulder & upeer arm. But, none in my eye or on face.


@rlapid2112: Of course there is. But very few people know how to toe that line.

And that's just an example. I realize that not everyone that eats fatty fried food is like that, but our country is fatter than it's ever been. Why do you think that is?

And I posed that as a serious question, not as a smart aleck remark.


@dreamyvelvet: That is not exactly true.

I find that it is MUCH cheaper for me to eat healthy than it is to eat crap. Besides. The little bit more you spend now as opposed to what you will save in medical bills later on... That's not exactly a great argument. :/

Not all high carb foods are bad for you. High carb foods are necessary for the body to function properly. If you'd like more info on eating healthy, and keeping it cheap, let me know. I'd be glad to help. I am more than a little educated along these lines. Let me know!


I don't deep fry anything, because I enjoy not having Type 2 diabetes, and I really enjoy not weighing 300lbs.


I've knicked my fingers in the fryer. My finger tips were coated in batter due to dipping tempura veggies into the deep fryer. Even though it was really for a fraction of a second, the batter probably saved me from a wicked burn.


So how about this, deep fried hard boiled egg in bacon batter?