questionsit is 2012, how will you spend your last year?


I been saying it for years, I plan to spend myself so far into the hole that I'll never make it out from under the debt wall I create. This won't matter come December 21, 2012, and on the very slight offchance the world doesn't end 12/21/12, well, there's always bankruptcy, correct?


Same thing I do every year: working, attempting to stay out of crippling debt, and having good times.


Much like @inkycatz. Working. In my cube. Paying bills. Looking forward to my next vacation.


Wondering when the next supposed end of the world date is supposed to be, and why anyone would get worked up about it in the first place.


Eat, drink, & be merry for tomorrow, the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar ends and so might eating, drinking, & being merry.


The exact same way I spend every year: wasting most of my life on video games, tv shows, and Woot. The only hitch is in December, where if the superstitious people are right, I might be dead, which would really pi$$ me off if I die after getting my Christmas shopping done and don't get to see my family open up their awesome presents.


@captainsuperdawg: just be like me and throw off the chains of xmas in december, just exchange gifts at thanksgiving when you are giving thanks for all your friends & family!