questionswhen did the tabs change on deals.woot?


Me neither, and I think you are correct, I think they were there yesterday too.

Looks like they are now using Popular instead of Top.


I wonder if the Top tab (with it's current flow and popular flow) will be back or if they will stay with the return of the Popular tab.


It appears that on the ATC side when a question "goes popular" it gets removed from the "fresh" tab. Before today it would be on the "top" and "fresh" simultaneously.


@robingraves: that would explain why I can't find a couple of questions from a few days ago.

I hate when a site changes without any explanation of what's different.


Okay, so how is knowing when something was "made popular" better than knowing when the deal was added?


@robingraves: So if it goes popular within 2 minutes, it's not still fresh? I want to be able to see ALL of the newest stuff on one tab - especially for questions. This was not thought through.


@pitamuffin: you can still tell when a deal was added but you will have to open the deal to see the time stamp. An FYI for the newer deals people - this was the deals format for over two years before it was changed in favor of the "current view" format.


Has anyone noticed that the expired deals are staying on the Popular tab? That bothers me. Why would I want to see expired deals?


@sunnyx0r: I was about to post the same question. Very strange. Usually a deal disappears from the front page (whatever they're calling it) as soon as I expire it.

Another strange thing is that I have a couple of old (but still active) deals that have remained on the front tab for a couple of days now. They are good deals, but there are no comments to keep them active, and the votes for them are good, but not incredible.

Overall, I am wondering if WootStaff is busy with the new Tools & Garden site or some other project and just aren't tending to some of the regular DW activities.