questionsdo they still make quality handheld cheese…


I can't speak for cheese slicers specifically but in general nowadays it seems like quality products are no more. After all, if it breaks then you'll just buy another, things that last forever don't make as much money.

Oxo has generally been a fairly good brand along with KitchenAid. I would try your luck with an Oxo cheese slicer and see if it does the job.



After many months of searching, I finally gave up and now use a fairly decent santoku knife to slice my cheese.

For harder cheeses I sometimes use a vegetable peeler to get nice thin slices, like for parmesan cheese on a caesar salad and the like.


I've never required a special tool to cut the cheese.


@deraj828: Interesting question. I have a few of my own.

When you say cheese slicer, what do you mean? I have a cheese board with a clever little handle and wire, I have a nice hand-held slicer that has a wire in it, and I've used (but don't currently have) an electric one (something similar to a mandolin, I think).

What is your price range? Where have you looked? Can you provide a link to the product that broke? Have you looked in Crate&Barrel, or Bed, Bath, & Beyond?

I'll be back in a while, to see if you've answered.

One of mine looks like the second link @capguncowboy just posted.


Yowza. I didn't know there were options.

@shrdlu, I was talking about the type like the first link @capguncowboy posted, I've never come across any other kind. I have no idea what brands the ones I've experienced were, as I was too young and naive to care. High school taught me many things, but the wisdom of paying attention to brands was not one of those things. Price range, I hadn't worried too much about that, I didn't reckon they'd make any cheese slicer more'n $20 without adding random bells and whistles, so I'm hoping a quality slicer, should it exist, would be in a married college student's budget.

So is just a knife the way most people go nowadays, then? Or is that wired trick preferred? Or are there yet other technologies?


I am a fan of the Pampered Chef cheese slicer:

you can also find on eBay if wanted someone's deal. Mine has lasted 10 years now and they have not changed the design at all. Also it fit in the drawer very nice for it's non-bulky size and shape.


@deraj828: I use the quality instrument precisely like the one in the second link. It works like a charm, and from what I see of the positive reviews, it's the same as the one I have, even though mine's {mumble} years old. No, I don't usually use a knife; the cheese slicer works better. I may come up with a source for my cutting board with the guillotine (it's what I call it) built in, later on, but really, just get the cheese slicer from the second link. You'll like it.

I hate that other kind. Only useful for digging weeds, if that.


This is my personal favorite of all I have used so far:


@deraj828: Hah! It took no time at all to find this:

Mind you, the one I have is a zillion years old, but I really like it for when I want to slice up multiple slices. It's not good if the cheese is too tall, but otherwise works like a charm. I still mostly use the other one, though.


I had no idea there was a such thing as a "cheese slicer." I'd heard rumors of them of course, but we've only owned "cheese corner breaker-offers" at my house. Thanks for the links everyone!


@deraj828: The old train of thought(and it applies nicely to most kitchen tools): you will ALWAYS cut yourself much worse with a dull knife than with a sharp one. Buy GOOD tools, even with a low insurance deductible it ain't worth the trip to the ER. Buy quality, semi-specialised peelers, slicers and knives, but not the most expensive. They are never there to perform the best, more to impress.


a great q n a i will be getting one too