questionshow awesome is chuck norris?


I won't know until he tells us.


Not as awesome as he was 5-6 years ago....


At first I thought it was one of those kidfoot plushies.

I want one of those!!!

I'm about to like do some photoshooting with my chuck norris right now.


Chuck Norris is so awesome, it takes 225 hard core seasoned toy stuffing professionals just to make one Chuck Norris plush doll...


I got one in my boc, too. He's mute; so unlike him. :-( Amazon has this for $7.92. Only 3 reviews, all 1 star - each one said he didn't 'talk.' Re: Chuck Norris himself - he's okay. Has become a caricature of himself, hasn't he? <---Rhetorical question. ;-)


According to

If Chuck Norris was an answer, then there is no question. Chuck Norris answers to no one.


I got one too. "Nobody makes Chuck Norris talk, if he doesn't want to talk."


a plush of chuck norris? meh...
I gots a cow plush in my boc with hearts all over it wearing boxers & high heels.
take that chuck norris.


@conanthelibrarian: should be fairly easy to modify that plush to a much more awesome model...

the Hyneman.


@djp519: i'm with you, chuck norris had a good run at the chuckle bucket for a year, maybe 1.5 years but after that it was obnoxious.


@cowboydann: Agreed.. No offense but he's not a very good actor. Kinda like Steven Segal and the Van Dam guy.

Boy, I'm not going to be very popular after that comment. They'll probably take my triangle away all together.


On a scale from 1 --> 5
2π. I know, its irrational...


@cowboydann: I am not Chuck Norris.

All told.


@jumbowoot: I think that was directed at @conanthelibrarian but the message still stands :P


you wanna know how i know this meme has "jumped the shark?"
next time you are @ the grocery, check out a bottle of ERA detergent.
it has a little "chuck norris approved" logo on it...

now if i could just find a pc that was chuck bartowski approved, that would be awesome.