questionsdo you want free popcorn at the movies?


Ewww, facebook and my mobile number, no thanks.


@xarous: I've never had a problem with stuff like that. I enter hundreds of contests a year (and other free item promotions like this) and must hand out my phone number like candy, yet I have never...not even once...received any spam or calls or anything on my cell phone. To each his own though.


@xarous: Junk FB Profile + Google Voice


@bonoman: If you hand out your phone number like candy, I just want to know, how often do you hand out candy....and why....


You got me got me.

I was totally like "Hell yea I want free popcorn!.. I'm gonna go tell this guy about it.."

Then BAM!

You're all "Well here it is!" My mind is blown, sir.