questionswhat are your fav headphones for: sports, around…


Additional info: interested in Bluetooth, non-bt, traditional huge headphones, earbuds, cheap throwaway, hi-fi audiophile-expensive, phone-compatible (with mic) or not, whatever.

Am currently using an old set of the Plantronics with a Bluetooth dongle (the Jabra Street). Not audiophile or even close but works well for the nonce. The biggest drawback is that some audiobooks are too soft (cough, Audible, cough) - for those I currently use a cheap Fiio E3 headphone amp.

This is the opposite of an audiophile setup, but it's wearable, doesn't hurt, hard to break. I wound like something better sounding - even if expensive - if it didn't break, was unobtrusive, and I didn't hate wearing it after an hour.

What works for one person might be torture for another, but I always seem to be willing to try another setup. What have other people learned to love or live with?


For nice traditional earphones you can't beat Bose

ok. not cheap and not sales. But you do get what you pay for imho.


For weight lifting I just use $5 in-ear buds from Big Lots. There's always a chance of breaking them.
For running I stopped using the in-ear because I don't like the sound of my footsteps echoing. Now I don't use headphones at all when running.
For Xbox I use a throat communicator (goes around your neck) that has a single in-ear bud. Over that I use a set of Rocketfish wireless headphones


ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (Cringing at the mention of Bose)
I would definitely go with Sennheiser, Klipsch, or Monster.
Check out the Sennheiser CX 685 or Monster iSport on Amazon.
Make sure that whatever you buy has sweat resistance (if you sweat a lot). Some earbuds will die due to moisture issues when used for working out.


My favorite on-the-go earphones are these guys: . I loathe the canal earbuds since they're a major PITA to put in, not to mention they hurt my ears and make my head feel swollen.

These stay in really well, don't hurt my ears after hours of use (unless you're trying to sleep on your ear, in which case good luck), don't sound like crap (at least in my opinion), and are pretty darn cheap, especially for the quality.


Audio Technica ATH-M50s for commute and work. They sound better and are built better than headphones at 2-3x the cost.


If you are looking for workout headphones, and don't mind paying a bit more for them, I can't recommend the Sennheiser line highly enough. I've been using the PMX 680 for the last 2 years, and they have been great. I would normally go through earbuds about every 6 months or so: they would fail usually at the plug end.

These use a braided cord which is much more durable, and also less likely to get tangled. If you want something disposable, go ahead and get whatever, but be ready to replace them every 6 weeks or so. If you want in ear get the PMX-685:

I used to use those: I've switched to the behind the neck ones, and I'm not unhappy at all:


My favorite cheap/workout/ear buds are Skullcandy's Ink'd series. EASILY found <$15 and sound amazingly good. Quite confident they could hold their weight against something 4-5X the price. And they have a lifetime warranty against defects and a lifetime 50% off a new pair if the damage was your fault.

If I'm just sitting at home and can wear some large over-the-ear style headphones, I like the Bose Triports. Yeah yeah. I know. I realize they're probably not worth the money, but I got them as a gift. They sound decent, but the biggest thing is comfort. They feel like two breasts on my ears.


I decided to buy a pair of Monster Turbine earbuds. 90% will stop reading there.

I happen to love them. One went dead after about a year, and I got an absolutely hassle-free replacement -- completely new set, not a refurb. The sound quality is good. Some will say it's too bassy. That's okay. Bass is what's down, yo.

Regardless of where you spend your money, earbuds work like umbrellas -- spend enough up-front for a good set and it'll outlast several $15 pairs.


Good morning!

Some background, I am a huge audiophile. I mean to the point where I am going through my 120gb itunes library, and manually editing the id3 tag info to properly reflect track #, album art, album year, etc.

For headphones, one day i ran across a pair of JVC "XX" ear buds. The packaging was catchy, and so I decided to give them a shot. Here is what they look like on google shopping:

Ive found them at sears for $15 bucks. They don't fall out while running, and you can wear them all day long. Only uncomfortable if you try to sleep with them in. But seriously, dont go out and waste money on brand name headphones, I promise you wont be dissapointed with these. DONT LET THE PRICE FOOL YOU! Plenty of bass if you want it. Dont waste your money!


Thanks for the great info, gives me a lot to investigate.

My biggest prob with buds is getting them to stay on, but perhaps I can improve on that.

I have found the cords last many times longer with the bt dongle then when plugged directly into the device, but of course using Bluetooth does not help the sound quality.

Re Bluetooth dongles: have tried and tossed ones by Sony, MeElectronics, Samsung, and others, either no volume, no battery life, or (worst) impossible to operate without a lot of fuss.

The Jabra Street or Street 2 fixed all those problems. The Jabra Clipper is sposed to be good, but no personal experience.

More comments are welcome!


For complete immersion, I swear by the Sony MDR7502 Professional Stereo headphones. They have a few different tiers of models, but these are pretty reasonably priced (and free shipping!)

They definitely aren't ideal for moving around or exercising (not earbud), but they do come with a pretty long cord. I have to replace mine every few years or so, but mostly because I travel with them and either the cord or foam lining will start to get loose/rip apart in my bag. But for $50, these are great professional quality headphones - and they'll kill just about any outside noise if you turn the volume up loud enough!


The Monster N-Credible Nergy has an awesome sound signature for all music made by instruments and humans. However the wire crapped out on me in about 10 days. I am not the nicest to my headphones and I expect a lot from them.

The Monster Jamz had just what I was looking for for rap/heavy bass but I don't listen to enough rap to appreciate the sound signature fully. I enjoy awesome bass lines in rock but I feel my self craving balance for "real" music (sorry rap lovers). I stomped my Jamz with my shoe yesterday to show off their metal build during a headphone discussion among peers. They are fine, I will be using them today while I wait for my new Nergy to come in.

I have got an open (not a short) on one pair of Jamz.

Skullcandy Ink'd were pretty good for a cheapy while they lasted. They took a beating: ran over by a longboard on the earbud, dropped in snow, dropped in water. Those split in half at the bud after having the wire snagged.

Headphones + sports = work.