questionsanyone have experience with laptop insurance…


I would never buy an insurance plan (I also would never buy a laptop from BB).

seriously, "basic" laptops are so cheap now it is probably not worth it for insurance. Just tell the kid that if he breaks it, he buys himself a new one :)


you can always look into square trade. I have had their plans but not used them.


I will second the Square Trade. As per their website "We cover drops, water damage, and all sorts of accidents" and you can usually find a discount code floating around the web, making it a better deal than you could get at the store where it was purchased.


@Finzup - agree on BB but when someone else is paying . . . I smile and say Thank you very much!! LOL

Square Trade - didn't think of them for items purchased at the store. See them on here and ebay all the time. I'll start searching for a code.


You might check with your homeowners insurance company to see if it would be covered under your policy.


I was considering the insurance plan that was offered for the Nook I bought as a gift yesterday. The purchase price was $150, and the 1-year plan was $59. It was tempting, as the gift recipient is hard on his things. I bought him a new digital camera for his birthday every year because none of them lasted more than a couple of months till I broke down and bought him an Olympus Tough which has survived in his hands for two years now (although he came very close to losing it in the ocean last summer. But I thought 40% of the purchase price was too much, when there was a chance he'd lose it, have it stolen, or damage it in a way that wasn't covered. I decided against it, although now that you mention it I may look into a square trade warranty. With my friend's history of destruction I tried to get a STW on the Olympus but they couldn't sell me one as I bought it bundled with a video camera that I sold on Craigslist to help make up some of the camera's cost.


Generally the hardware lasts longer than the warranty, if you want to get any kind of protection at least consider getting a good full fledged anti-virus suite.

Also, I think you would have to "return" the laptop and "repurchase" it if you wanted to get a warranty from BB, otherwise something like SquareTrade you could just pay for the warranty online.

Lastly another great thing to know and to take advantage of, is if the Grandparents paid with a credit card because certain ones like VISA and AMEX both have a warranty service that you could use. Definitely worth looking into, at least the hardware will be protected!

Edit: Should probably note, I have never used SquareTrade, or the warranty services offered by AMEX and VISA I am just aware of them and have no idea how effective one is over the other.


@grimskull89: He just got it yesterday so we have 15 days (or something like that) to take it back to get the BB warranty. Mainly want to be covered for the stupid stuff, coffee in the keyboard (o/e type of stuff). Looking at straight pricing Squaretrade is definately a better deal $ wise. Our homeowners covers theft but not the accidental stuff.


I forgot that Visa doubles a manufacturer's warranty. They might cover more too. Definitely something to ask the grandparents about. Good thinking !


BB's insurance is expensive but it's good (IMO) I've taken back TV's, Xbox controllers, and Ipods and they never second guess me or my motives for returning it. They have my plan on file so they load up the price of the old one on a gift card and I go pick out the next one. I usually buy the replacement plans which may or may not be avaliable for your son's laptop.


99% of the time tech insurance is at best a scam.

If the laptop is too expensive to replace if it breaks, buy a cheaper laptop and put the extra money aside for replacement emergency.

Insurance is doubly a waste because the way technology moves, they will probably want a new laptop regardless in two years or so.


It's all a matter of the user and preference in whether or not you should get a warranty. When I worked at Best Buy, I always thought our video game warranties were a rip, because the discs are supposed to be scratch proof. However there was a woman whose son accidentally scratched the hell out of a disc by bumping his xbox while it was inside, so it ended up being useful for her.

I'd recommend squaretrade or BB like others have. I think with BB, if you end up replacing the laptop before the warranty is over, you can get the prorated amount as cash back. I did this when my camera was stolen a few years ago. I'm not sure if the policy is still around though. Good luck!