questionswhere have all the cowboys gone?


I don't think I have ever seen a real cowboy in my lifetime (that's a significant amount of time that I will no longer discuss)


rumor is that @agingdragqueen was going to push @cowboydann off the roof.


@carl669: I think it might be fact and not rumor :)


I'm still around, I just moved to a new place with cable so baseball is taking up a lot of my time. I'm over at DWC nowadays. Ill be getting back into the swing of things pretty soon. Maybe I'll post some classic movie that's currently on sale or something. see y'all round these parts. There might be a game at the end of the month . We will see.

Also, I was in berkeley 2 weeks ago and woot seattle lastweekend. I've been a busy daker.

Sorry for typos, posted from my mobile phone


@cowboydann: Oooo, baseball. I think that makes it okay you haven't been around much, but people miss you.


The Marlboro Man died of lung cancer.


I've become a little more quiet than normal lately, but I'm still here. I still read and the questions just as much as I used to, but find myself biting my tongue more these days.

It's good to know that I'm loved though :)


That question takes me back to the 90's and Paula Cole


please..........don't encourage them


@dw1771 @jsimsace: yep that's the song in my head now.