questionswho else wants to support buckyballs?


I was looking to sign a protest for the CPSC's decision. Anyone have any links I looked for a bit but could not find one.


I just supported BuckyBalls by spending $100 (EDIT: after promo code which you can do some googling or Slickdealing to find out what it is...) which is free shipping & 40% off I think.. was a pretty good deal (even compared to Woots deal) for certain items they are selling.

There is also a petition.

Again, BuckyBalls is a RESPONSIBLE company who had MULTIPLE warnings and did not market these to kids at all (only to adults).

I am in favor of all the parents who let their kids get into BuckyBalls to get fined & charged with child neglect & child abuse.

I am NOT in favor of the government banning a product and KILLING a business that has been doing the right thing from the beginning.


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Which do you sign? There are 3 as of right now. Do you just pick the one with the most or do you sign all 3 or do you pick the one you like the best? is were you mentioned the petition just in case you get deleted.


I purchased more BuckyBalls last night with their discount code found on slickdeals (I missed getting the Blue Balls when woot offered them). I bought two sets - one for each of my boys. Both are old enough and wise enough so that they will not eat non-edible items (I could be mistaken on this point, as they will both eat SPAM).

In cases like this one, I tend to blame the parent and not the item. What parent in their right mind would give a child something so small or leave an item that small where a child can get their hands on it?


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Signed, tweeted and facebooked.


I am a proud owner of a few sets of buckyballs (thanks to woot) my collection was increased at Christmas time and not one person who played with them disliked them. We did not let the dog have a turn. My youngest daughter received a set at her 12th birthday (thanks to deals.woot). (she can cook using a stove). FYI She is still alive, she did not eat any.


I still think a ban on a 'toy' that is marketed to adults, with multiple warnings on the box about ingesting them is crazy! There are plenty more dangerous things out there, that have not been banned. I think we just need to tell people that they are out of luck if they are too stupid to pay attention to the warnings!

I wouldn't let my cats near these, and that's without having to be warned how dangerous they are!


Its the same reason America doesnt have Kinder Eggs yet. Cause aduls cant supervise their kids to make sure they dont do something stupid.


vote libertarian if you really want to make a difference.


They can have my bucky balls when they extract them from my warm slimy intestines!

Just be delicate about it. They're kinda tearing things up in there as it is.


I bought a set on eBay after hearing the news.

I hope the company is able to continue on for all points previously mentioned.


Just bought some, then found this thread... So excited about some buckyballs! GL to them. I know what it is like to deal with stupid people all day long. Survival of the fittest...


Consider it survival of the fittest. Sad to see buckyballs go the way of the lawn dart. Sad times...


If you go to their actual web site at getbuckyballs dot co m and use the promo of SUCKITGROUPON you get 45% off and free shipping. I just bought them to support the company (and I've also wanted some for a while!!!) I got a GREAT deal! There is absolutely no reason these should be taken off the market.


I'm headed to the Maker Faire today. I'll be spreading the word with today with a sign and some flyers.


I own a set of Buckyballs and feel bad for what the company is dealing with right now, but I regularly use deals.woot and the crap that is going on with the site right now is annoying as hell. It's really not making me want to support anything but another website.


I am the grandparent of a 7 year old and a 2 year old. For the 7 year old, I've bought a bunch of the buckeyball sets. They are his favorite toy when he visits. We simply kept them away from the baby and explained that they could really hurt the baby if she ate them. Now that the 2 year old has moved past the "eats everything" stage, she is starting to enjoy them too. I'm glad I got a bunch of these before they were made "illegal"!


Here is the official CPSC press release
Do statements like this bother anyone else: "Since 2009, CPSC staff has learned of more than two dozen ingestion incidents, with at least one dozen involving Buckyballs. Surgery was required in many of incidents."

They give a numerical value of 24 magnet ingestion, 12 of incidents involving Buckyballs, then they give a very vague "many" quantity for required surgeries. It drives me crazy when they do that.


I've been +1ing so many deals with the word "buck" in them that I'm now getting ads on the right side for hunting and deer-related items.


Check this link:

BTW, @iboban: you're an idiot. Thanks to people like you, is the reason these problems are happening. It clearly states that these are for ADULT use only. You say your 2 or 3 year old is passed the "eats everything" stage? That's fine, so does that make it ok for her to play with a bottle of drain cleaner? Simply idiotic...and more off, sad for a cool company that never did anything to harm them.

It's people like you that we now need a warning on our coffees stating to be careful, that they contain HOT liquids...ugh, I bought some last night directly from the company, simply to help & support them, and now this whole thing is making me sick!


Oh, also... I'll continue to support Buckyballs when they improve the quality. Right now I just can't justify spending tons on another set when mine has been barely used and has still somehow chipped all to hell.


I was wondering what the heck all the BUCK posts were for. Stoopid kids who cant eat magnet balls.


You can have my Buckyballs when you surgically remove them from my warm, slimy intestines!


Go to their site at and use the coupon code "SUCKITGROUPON" for 45% off any order AND free shipping


More children die every year from bicycle accidents, and swallowing deflated party balloons, are we going to ban them?
This product clearly states that it is meant for people over 13; meaning, parents whose children have died/injured by this product were guilty of neglect.
I normally don't support the rights of corporations but this potential ban is going to cost people their jobs. Why? Because parents can't read the warning on the packaging.
I still can't understand how magnets can be banned.


did zen magnets get banned as well?


I'm not able to buy any buckyballs right now, but I definitely support your effort. I'm so tired of the lack of responsibility and the pass the BUCK attitudes of so many people these days. Used to be that accidents happened. Now it seems like folks think that all products are evil and out to get them! How about reading labels and watching your kids for a change????


Got an email this morning from eBay that the listing I had bought from has been taking down.

Looks like eBay has taken down almost all Buckyball listings. The seller sent me a shipping notification on the 26th, but according to USPS, it's the "label has been printed" stage.

Should have bought it directly from BB, but I had eBay bucks I wanted to use.