questionswho else is traveling by train for christmas?


Let us know how it works out for you. I've heard stories going both ways.


Just think of Casey Tatum for the whole ride. I'm sure you will be singing along by the end of your 18 hour trip :3


Good luck to anybody flying out of Chicago! It has been a mess over there...

Also, make sure to travel safely! You don't want to get into an accident so close to the holidays :(


Be safe and take extra entertainment - trains almost always run behind schedule!


I've traveled by train 3 times to Kansas City from the Orlando, FL area. Always get a small compartment - includes 1 single bed, a sink & toilet. A very comfortable lounge chair & a large window during the day. Bed is pulled down over the chair/sink/toilet at night. Not convenient when you gotta go. ;-)

I love a long train trip...that's part of the adventure. It's leisurely. No stress, no worries. Delightful! You see stunningly beautiful scenery. Need not worry about driving/gas/food/accommodations. Drawbacks for some - the trip I'm speaking of takes 2 nights & 2 1/2 days.Would not do this trip coach, but that's me. I like the privacy of a room & 3 meals included per day. The porter is at your beck & call. Will deliver meals to your room if you wish. It is extraordinarily expensive. Checked recently for the accommodations I mentioned above - over $2,000 and up! :-\ Much faster & cheaper to fly.