questionswhat do you think of the new asus transformer…


If the keyboard attachment wasn't so dang expensive I'd be more into it, but other than that its really just the next gen of tablets, really nothing unsurprising here.

Now if it came with the keyboard for 500 bucks, that would be something. As it is it seems like just a tablet to me. A very nice one to be fair.


good start = it doesn't have a representation of a piece of fruit on it


It's a great looking tablet, and looks to be a worthy update to what I consider to be one of the best, and no doubt the most versatile, Android tablet. The problem with Android tablets continues to be a lack of commercially available tablet specific applications. The platform has great potential, but I think that Google needs to give software developers a stronger incentive to develop for Android tabs, to help the platform catch the iPad as far as having a large number of good quality apps that take advantage of the bigger screen etc. that tablets offer. I know that's a tangent, but the answer "I think it is the best Android tab ever", which is true, needs some qualification.


Too bad we don't get it before black Friday. I'm really hoping this will be my first tablet but I'm going to wait for the reviews. It looks promising though and I'm excited that it may be a real contender vs. the i-pad 2!


Definitely caught my attention.


It has Transformer in the title. WIN!
Looks like a very nice comp. Wouldn't mind having one myself.


I think the Decepticons will be upset


It looks nice. Expensive as crap though, esp with the extra keyboard.


I really think this maybe the perfect device for me. I essentially want a tablet but also a netbook so I can do some real work. I just wish the price wasn't so high and that the keyboard dock wasn't sold separately!


I'm excited, it's now available for pre-order on a few retail websites, as well as amazon!!! , all this for only $500!!


After reading every review I could find and finally playing around with one, I WANT it.
Anyone have any advice--could this be a primary computer, give the only content I need to create is docs and spreadsheets? Keep in mind I'm coming off of three years with only a 9" Eee PC running Ubuntu.
Thanks for any tips.


@austin451: Yes it could be your primary computer. There's quickoffice or Documents to go to create docs and spreadsheets of of files.