questionshow can i find someone's physical address?


You can contact the Utah DMV for his last known address. You just need to prove you're attempting to obtain the information for a court case and then submit paperwork along with a small service fee. Everything can be found here as well as useful tips and links to other resources. Good luck!


My favorite method is this site:

Just put in the name, and the state. You'll be shocked (or amazed).


@shrdlu: Tried it but his local information came up. I think he is hiding money from the government. He has a lot of stuff with the local information and I'm willing to even bet his property is not in his name.


Do they run under a business name or as an individual. Might be able to find the public record of the corporation filing.


@omnichad: He is very sneaky. All his businesses use the local PO box, even one supposedly based in Texas. (I'm in CA). I called the foreclosure company and the only address they had for him was another PO Box.

I evenn set up a bogus FB account and got him to friend me (used a photo of a hot chick) but there is nothing on it except lots of photos of him skiing in Utah.

I've been on Intelius and other search sites and some show an alias with his first name spelled differently or the correct spelling but not in Utah.


@minkeygirl7: That FB thing was a brilliant idea, lol.


I say just post all the information you have on them right here and give us a go. You have the right to show off how bad he is to warn us, don't you?

I don't have any tips, but I'm fairly good at this. What's the P.O. Box number and the city?


@omnichad: I don't think he's dangerous. He's just a scumbag.

Bryan Dopp but he may use Brian Dopp. 99% sure he lives in Park City, Utah. Main business is Axex Aviation . All the info is what I have plus a cell phone #

Also Coral Point LLC which owned the foreclosed condos.

Let me know if you need more info.


I'm not so sure he lives in Park City Utah. His wife is from there, but I think he just has a vacation home there. My best guess right now is Ft. Lauderdale, Fl


Nevermind. Last year they hosted an art show in their home for Redstone Gallery in Park City. Then again - could still be vacation home.

Maybe call the Redstone Gallery at 435-575-1000 saying you saw the photos of the event and that you're an old friend of Bryan and Kimberly and wanted their current address to send a card.


@minkeygirl7: Briefly, that web site has no actual information on it. The Latin on it is used by typesetters of old, to fill space until the actual words go in.

Wonder if there were previously useful items that were replaced by all that?

(949) 251-0001 belongs to Crown Pacific Advisors, according to the reverse directory.

Crown Pacific Advisors LLC
220 Newpoart Center Drive
Suite 600
Newport Beach, Ca. 92660
Phone: (949) 251-0001
FAX: (949) 269-0131

I also find records of that company in Irvine.

Sadly, the Wayback Machine does not possess previous records of the web site. Currently, it's just a parked domain, no matter what it appears to be. Crown Pacific Advisors is probably a dead end, too.

Oh, and do NOT give any money to private investigators. Anyone actually useful would cost far more than your current losses.


Here's the FB invite for the event:

3230 Thistle Street, Park City, UT (Deer Valley), ,

Please join us for a classic event featuring world renowned artist Thomas Arvid, in the intimate setting of Bryan and Kimberly Dopp's beautful home in Deer Valley. Our hosts Bryan and Kimberly will be "Lifting Everyone's Spirits" margarita style with catering provided by Park City's finest Mexican restaurant Tarahumara.


@minkeygirl7: Act fast. The home is currently listed for sale with Prudential Utah Real Estate:

Which could mean they've already moved - contact the real estate agent?


Go with what you already know...

He owns (or at some time DID) the building where you were renting, right? So therefore his name (or possibly spouse's) would likely be on the property deed along with a physical address of some sort.

Try searching for a county website, and if you're lucky those deeds may be available to you online just for searching. You do have to dig a little, but it seems you already have some good resources to check any info found on a deed against what you already have.

Good Luck.
I would not normally tell you this, but I Hate Scumlords!


@omnichad: Thanks! I saw the Redstone Gallery stuff on his FB page but got side tracked. Doubt a RE agent would give me someones phone number or information.

Sneaky devil. Thanks for the detective work


@green2red: Thanks for the idea. He owned my unit and 4 others under a corporation name of Coral Point LLC which uses the NB address. I'll keep working on it.

Guy rented me a place that had flooded for years after it rained. He knew and knew it hadn't been fixed because he hadn't paid his HOA fees in years either.

He owes me more than money.


Also - the plane in his fb profile pic was sold in 2011:

Did a search for the number on the jet engine.


@omnichad: I didn't. Oh I also heard he owned a boat the was docked somewhere in NB. I looked around but too many marinas. I'm tossing around going to the PO Box and bribing them for his address! You are one sneaky investigator.

It's possible he's selling off all his assets but i still think he has money offshore.


There's about half a dozen businesses this guy is definitely involved in:

In each one, the business has a different physical address and so does he. Probably owns them all. Which one is "home"?


@omnichad: OMG You are Awesome! I don't ever want to piss you off! Forceable Sex Abuse? What is that? Boy he's even scummier than I thought!


@omnichad: Looks like he was arrested twice. Once in Orange County and once in Utah about a week apart? Or am I reading this wrong?


@minkeygirl7: I should post those links on my bogus facebook page. Hahah


@minkeygirl7: That's what it looks like to me.

Thanks for the praise. Now I should go cower in the corner and realize what this makes me.


@omnichad: I think it makes you a Wootizen of high order to help a fellow Wootizen.
I think it also means you could have a future in on line investigations !!

@minkeygirl7 I think w/ all this info. he can now be found -- at least through the cops. They might be more then happy to help you serve him papers in jail or on bond.


So is it illegal for me to send him a letter telling him to pay up or I plaster these all over the internet? He owes me the money.


@minkeygirl7: Just found out it's extortion so I think I'll just post the photos all over Facebook. Wonder if I should send him an email and rub his face in it? Hmm


@ceagee: A Wootizen of High Order - YES ! All hail @omnichad 's investigative skills! Wish I was as good as you!!


@hot72chev: I totally agree! The amount of info I got was amazing. Now to find his actual residence. Maybe his car?


Did you know if you google Bryan Dopp Park City this conversation is #2?


@omnichad: You are good at this. The "omni" in your name is apt.


@chewieback: OMG! How do you know all this? His wife is really hot so cheating? What's the dirt on the arrest? After I posted is mug shot on his facebook page using a bogus account, he and his sister blocked me. I"d love all the dirt you can tell me. I'll never get the money back he owes me but it's nice to know what an epic D-Bag he is!

Oh and I've met the son. Smarmy Jr.


@chewieback: I know he uses a PO box in Newport Beach for all his businesses but he gave the loan company a PO box in Beverly Hills as an address for his loan docs. I also have different numbers for him. His cell is 714-878-1777. His office is 949-251-0001. Also someone here said his fancy ski home on Thistle is up for sale. I have to say, seeing him crash and burn is better than any money I could try to get from him. Oh and the Russian girl is FB friends with him and Kimberly. Also one of his tenants told me he was threatened with bodily harm. Please keep me updated. I'd really love to see this scumbag behind bars.


@minkeygirl7: Hello...I have also had the unfortunate pleasure ( Not !) of dealing with Bryan Dopp, Scum Bag - piece-of shit ! I would love to help any way possible to see this guy be put behind bars...then we would be doing him a favor because he would have all the sex that wants...just it would be with men. ( I think he rolls that way anyhow )

Bryan Dopp is a total poser and a scam artist. He lives off of ripping people off and has the FBI and other authorities investigating him right now. He is a total TURD in every sense of the word and needs to be strung up. I do not know how his wife Kimberly has been able to tolerate Bryan's continued cheating, he will screw any thing that has 2 legs. However, beware...she is his partner in crime...I have seen her Notary stamp on many fraudulent documents...they both need to be in Jail.


@doppganger: I would to get some of the money back he owes me but it would take a considerable amount of effort on my part to only get a couple thousand if that. Even if I found him to serve him, I doubt he would show up.

I never met the wife but I know his dealings screwed over her best friends mom (he said it was her mom but who knows).

I met the smarmy son signing lease papers.

I wonder if he's been arrested lately? Keep me posted on his status. I'm not sure how much help I would be in bringing him down but it would be fun.