questionswhat's the best quality, most luxurious bath robe?


It depends. Do you want one that is warm, or one that won't be warm b/c you live in a warmer climate?
Or do you want one that is after bath/shower, or one that will pack easy for travel , or one that is sexy/lingerie ?


@ceagee: Excellent questions.

Warm, please.
After bath/showers, please.


Warm -- for super luxury you want cashmere. Or a very nice fleece and/or berber. You can sometimes find some very high quality flannel robes as well.
A great place to shop around for some very nice high quality items in these categories is except I just took a quick look at not much left. has some amazing fleece/berber combo robes. They are super duper heavy warm.
Cats are bugging me, so forgive lack of specific link.

For bath/showers you want thick turkish cotton terry.

I know you said for out of shower, but to narrow your decision in fabric --- which do you value more ? Which will be greater ? After shower use or lounging around ?
If after shower, I would get a nice thick high quality Turkish terry 100% cotton wrap.
If it will be only on and off after shower, and used more for lounging. You might wish to go with one of the others.
Land's End has{or used to} great turkish robes. Not sure now. I have a couple places I can dig up.Back later.


I don't personally like fleece because too much static electricity. I would look for either a hotel or a spa robe. Those are usually thick cotton and are very warm and absorbent. Not all are created equal though so really read the descriptions.


@zuiquan: If you are getting static in your home, try a humidifier. Works great. My cats are very happy they are not so shocking. I wear fleece, have fleece blankets. It's cold outside. Humidifier works like a charm !

Ok back to the subject at hand.......


@ceagee: I've got humidifiers in most areas of the house, plus I live in Alabama where it's always moist and I still have static electricity. Might be me. When I was a kid I could always deliver some really good shocks.


I'd vote for a down robe. Can't beat it for warmth.


I decided to hedge my bet a little. I ordered two robes and I figure I can let her pick the one she prefers and we'll return the other.

First is LL Bean:
It gets great reviews for its warmth. I reckon this is a very good choice.

Second is Lands End:
I know it's a "men's" robe but it's down, lined with flannel (which she loves) and it's green (her favorite color) so I figured I'd roll the dice and throw it in the mix. Maybe she'll make a pragmatic choice, although it'll be expensive to clean.

Now we'll just see what Christmas morn brings.

Thanks for the input y'all. :o)


@phillystyle: WARNING : We bought the same fleece robe for my mom from LLBean ( and I am a loyal bean shopper)
and it was too long -- read the comments , its' a problem -- And the material was awful. Not soft at all. It went right back.
If you are going for fleece try .


@ceagee: Thanks for the heads up. I read a good number of the reviews before I bought it. I did see reviews that mentioned it being too long but enough of them mentioned their heights that I felt safe that she won't have that problem. She specifically wanted something long and she's a tall drink of water (5'9").

Also, I didn't get that the material was a problem. The number of positive (4- or 5- stars) was overwhelming when compared to the number of 3-, 2- and 1-star reviews so I felt pretty comfortable making the purchase. But if it goes back I'll be letting you know.


@phillystyle: It wasn't just a little long it was made for someone 6'5" or so.
Really ridiculous long. Maybe you will have better luck.

I pulled up some searches at some other sites that I trust to have nice stuff, in case you want to look see. I did not sort through the robes, but I'd be happy to give an opinion if you like : )
You mentioned she liked flannel. Vermont Country Store, mixed in with the granny stuff, has some very nice high quality flannel robes

Nordstrom has quite an array of , well , every kind of robe you can imagine and then some.

Cuddledown makes high end linens and has some sleepwear. They have a couple that are ok. They usually have more.



The previous mentioned The Company Store. Looks like the nice fleece there is almost sold out.But they do have some very nice "spa" robes
They have a down one too.

Soft Surroundings has some very pretty robes. The Natori looks nice and they have a silk/cashmere blend. You could always spring for the matching silk gown.

MY FAV: I have been ogling this one for warmth a long time

They have a 25% off code on the front page + free ship.



Maybe you are sick of looking, but good links to look around in case you have to send that Bean one back. I have never felt a worse fleece in my life. It was rough and felt more like a cheap thick chamois cloth , then the fluffy fleece. My sister ended up picking her one up at locally at Lord & Taylor. Just want to give you our experience.

PS Don't forget to google for promo/coupon codes !


the down robe mentions that it is machine washable. so it should not be too expensive to clean. I machine wash my down blankets and pillows; granted I have a front loader, but I am thinking that the robe should fit in any standard washer!

Hope she likes whichever she picks!


Off-Topic: I know this is off topic but people here seem to know about this subject. I want to get a couple luxurious spa like towels for my sister for Christmas. I saw to CNBC commenters chitchatting and gushing about Restoration Hardware towels. They do have a line of Turkish cotton ones. Any chance they are what I'm looking for?


@ceagee: No I wasn't sick of looking. It was actually fun loking for something that reviewed well and was a great deal, which remains to be seen of course. Thanks for the tips. I'll let you know if the loooong robe is made for LeBron James or not. ;o)


@bdsmonkey: Yup, I say that it was machine washable after all. I'll let you know which one she picks. It occurred to me the other day that she may not be totally enamored with either one!! lol But I'll let you know.


So she opted for the cream colored ladies robe. We'll be returning the gent's robe as I mostly expected.

Thanks everybody for the tips and recommendations. Christmas was a great success.


One of the best spa / hotel robe I have ever bought was a Chadsworth & Haig robe @ I received free shipping, these robes make a great gift idea. I got mine custom monogramming for only $10. The robe I purchased was the Micro Plush Robe Style: MPR3000.


If your still looking for a great Bathrobe, here is my 2 cents..
I recently bought a nice Spa type bathrobe from Hammacher Schlemmer online.
Item : 74035 LRG, Name : The Genuine Turkish Bathrobe. Price : $129.95
Total cost (5/5/16) $149.90, free shipping.Reviews say this robe runs long so I ordered a large, I normally have to order XLRG. I am 5'.11" 185lbs.This comes down to mid-ankle. The feel of the material is like a very soft bath towel, Not cashmere, but still feels great. Thick, absorbent, a bit on the heavy side, but does not feel heavy on the shoulders (how do they do that??). Has a nice high neck in the back to keep you Comfy Warm. Just a great all around robe at a great price. I am about to order another one as I managed to ruin my first one in less then a month of receiving it, (put a big burn hole in it) so I must like this robe if I don't even do anymore research (I already did that finding this robe to begin with)! BTW Can be monogrammed for like $10