questionsare there any benefits left ?


congrats and for posterity the original tags



Congrats. There may be a shorter way, but the way I post screenshots is:
print screen
paste to irfanview, crop, save
upload to
copy the link that has [img] on either side, delete the [img]

A lot of steps but it only takes about a minute.


@moondrake: Thanks. I have a mac though, and this app or "safari extension called "awesome snapshot" that gives you space to store it, so you can post it. But it's not a jpg file, so not sure if there is a way to use that here. I can auto post it to several social share sites.

I can also do a reg. snap per the mac.
I could maybe send that to imgur. but I haven't an account there yet -- much to set up ?

Oh man. You are back out in front ! ;-) Fame is so fleeting.............. lol


@ceagee: LOL. Yeah, I noticed I was back up there. Just goes to show how little activity we have, as I haven't had time to contribute much lately. Imgur is free, no account needed. I used to use, but it quit working for a while so I have been using imgur. I use these and tinyurl very frequently.


being on the leaderboard is its own reward. well....not really.


@moondrake: Glad to hear that you had trouble with tinypic, too. It was my go to site for this, but suddenly just wouldn't work here, so I shifted to imgur, too.

I've started using the snipping tool that came with Windows to get just snip the part of the page that I want to use. Don't know if mac has something similar, but it saves a lot of steps over screen printing and then cropping.

And congratulations. If it's any comfort, the jet was getting pretty run down, anyway. The "champagne" served on my last flight was (HORRORS!) DOMESTIC!!!!


Hahahaha, benefits...that was a good one!

vote-for10vote-against win......Nothing.....

I miss the days of coupons, gifts and gift cards......


Congratulations! Wear your crown w/pride. You've reached the very Top of the "complex formula" that determines who's No. 1.

It's best if you brag to people who have absolutely no idea what woot or deals.woot is. They'll be impressed when you tell them there are over 105,000 members of deals. Just don't mention that the number has nothing whatsoever to do w/the Leaderboard's ranking. ...And don't mention that over 100K of those members can't vote for anything and are, for the most part, inactive members.

Smile smugly when you glimpse the Leaderboard w/you as No.1. Bask in your glory...however fleeting it may be.


For those using Windows 7, there is a snipping tool already installed that allows you to take screen shots without the use of multiple programs. Oddly enough, it' called "Snipping Tool"


Congrats! You and moondrake keep taking turns, but just getting there feels good :)


@capguncowboy: That tool is in Win8 too! Good luck trying to use it.
Example if you are in the tile screen and launch it one would assume you want to capture a tile screen shot, good luck getting that. Windows will jump back to desk top mode before allowing you to capture the screen.