questionsdoes shirt.woot still use american apparel shirts?


Thank you for raising this question and for your additional comments. American Apparel has been on my No-Buy list for some time.


Mine from like a month ago is still AA.


Well, mine just says made in the USA. I however buy the bigger size shirts though, I like my shirts long and loose.


Yes they still use AA shirts, they're just fitted with a custom woot tag.

That said, AA can be kind of a nasty place. Look up the sexual harassment accusations against the CEO. But still, I think they're way better than the sweatshop hogs who make shirts in Honduras, Vietnam, Malaysia and other 3rd world countries (read: Gildan, Hanes, etc).

I'll take a somewhat distasteful American company over any of those any day. (edit: I should say, I'm no perfect clothing humanitarian, but I appreciate the opportunity to avoid buying from those companies when I buy stuff at shirt.woot)

(edit2: anyone else notice the servers seem to be falling on their behinds again?)