questionswould you like to help me pick a photo for an art…


these are all proportioned differently than 11x10. aside from that, i like #6; the colourful birdy is more interesting visually than regular ol' flowers (or a statue) to me.

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Oops, sorry, that should have been 11x30. It's going on the side of a bookshelf, long and thin. The photo proportions don't have to be exact, I am going to print the whole 20x30 photo and cut it to fit the bookshelf. These crops are approximations.


There is something about 06 that I like. Hope I'm not too late. :)


@jsimsace: Nope, I didn;t get it done before quitting time so I will have to do it later this evening. Hope they can still haveit ready for pickup at Sam's after the movie tomorrow. About $10 for a 20x30 print.


I love 06 and 05, but for the project you describe I think 09 would look best.

That's just me. Wish I were so creative. Heck. I wish I would even take on such a project!


@jsimsace: I ended up choosing 09, yellow flowers from Roatan. It wasn't my favorite, but it got the most votes combined here and at home, and I think the lattice and the climbing flowers will make a nice addition to the bookshelf and my office.

@belyndag: This is a pretty small project. I picked up the cabinet at the flea market, it was a floor model from a store that closed. It's finished on the front and one side, but not the top and other side. It's actually a glass fronted kitchen cabinet, but I am re-purposing it to be a curio cabinet to sit outside my cubicle for my inbox to sit on. My friend put some shelves in it, and I am adding the photo and polyurethaning the top. I had lots of nice stuff in my office that won't fit in my new shoebox. One of the art pieces that will go in it is lighted, so the inside will be illuminated. I am hoping it comes out nice. $20 for the cabinet, $5 for shelf stuff, and $10 for photo.


I think I'd have gone with 01 or 08, but 09 would probably be third or fourth and that's a really cool idea.


@moondrake: Your next line should end with "Priceless!" but I haven't had enough coffee yet to come up with something good.

Post pictures when it's all done! Sounds great!