questionsanyone else rushing to the post office today to…


I usually wait awhile before I file since I'm always super busy at work during the 1st quarter (corporate tax accountant), but I always e-file so I haven't been to the post office on tax day in years. Hopefully more and more people e-file these days so you won't have any lines.


Naw, I e-filed and received my refund weeks ago. My plan for the day is to watch the news stories about the people who know what day they need to file, and yet woke up this morning in a panic, wondering where all the papers they received back in early February went.


I also e-filed the day we got our W2s and spent the money this weekend on surgery for my dog.I was hoping to save it to have a little insurance against emergency expenses, but of course, Life can always tell when I have money in the bank and manufactured an emergency expense immediately.


I am not rushing to the post office. As far as I know, I just need to walk in and drop it in the mail slot. It's best to wait until last minute when you OWE.


E-filed. Thought I had to send a check for my state but just realized I could send it electronically, too. No PO for this lazy bum.

@moondrake My federal refund, which I have not yet received, is earmarked for the vet as well. My cat was diagnosed with diabetes Saturday. :(


@thumperchick: Thanks. I had a suspicious mass removed on his leg, and he had a bleeding problem after surgery so it was a bit scary for a while but he is okay now. But we won't get the biopsy back for two weeks so it's a long time to hold my breath. 2013 has been a tough year so far and I am due for some good news.

@curli76: Sorry to hear about your cat. Hope s/he is able to adapt and do well.


@curli76: Many cats can go into remission with just change in diet and/or a short course of insulin.
I highly recommend
Great site. up to date info. message boards--- folks know more about diabetes than most vets. seriously.
I had a sugar cat. She lived til 19 and diabetes did not do her in.
If I can offer any support or information, pm me.

I would apologize for highjacking the thread. But I started the thread. lol


I've already had 2 employees today request copies of their 2012 W-2's, so I have at least 2 last minute filers that I know of!


@curli76: I had a diabetic cat. He probably had it for 5 years and lived to be 18 so it is definitely something that is manageable. I gave him insulin at food time twice a day and had no issues really.

Also sorry for thread-jacking.

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Already did mine. Wooooooooooo!


My taxes got complicated last year when I became an accidental landlord, so I hired a CPA to take care of mine for 2011 and did the same for 2013. I was slightly slow getting everything to the accountant (I didn't get him everything until the first week of March), and as such everything wasn't complete and ready to be filed until last Friday (!). This is very unusual for me: when I did them myself everything was in (usually) by Valentine's day. Even last year the CPA had everything done by mid March.

I really didn't enjoy waiting until almost the last day to get filed. I realize that an extension isn't any big deal, but I much prefer having taxes completed and watching everybody else go crazy.

My new wife was working on hers yesterday. We are going to have to have a talk about not procrastinating on taxes sometime soon.


I E-filed early because I knew I had a refund coming.

Woot got the whole refund. :-)


E-filed fed yesterday (free with tax SW package), mailed state today (state wants $20 to E-file!). But by design, not procrastination -- we owe money for both. :-(


@moondrake: My mother used to tell me "an emergency will always arise to meet the cash on hand."

Hope your furry kid is all right. Update when you get one, please?


@moondrake: Yes, please let us know how your furred family member makes out from the surgery and all that comes after.


I actually e-filed both fed and state on Saturday. Today is only the deadline for filing fed income tax in Iowa. State deadline is April 30.


@magic cave & @ceagee: Will do. Thanks for your well wishes.:


@moondrake: Best wishes for your Great Dane. For the record, I think you have to type quotation marks around @magic cave to make a notification. Like this: @magic cave .

ETA: That's link is completely red and yours isn't. Sorry to the OP, I already have my refund. :)


@robingraves: [sigh] Even I don't know how to make my name register properly. It if were possible to change it so there was an underscore instead of a space I'd do it in a heartbeat, but unfortunately, a name can't be changed.