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Most (if not all states with a sales tax) technically require you to remit tax on internet sales to them. These bills are just a method to enforce this. I don't want to pay the sales tax personally but think we should. If people don't like it, they should move to states without sales tax. I know I would buy a lot less online if I had to pay tax.


I agree with the "no physical presence = no sales tax" mentality. I will sometimes buy things online from out of state just to save money on sales tax.


I'd rather not pay sales tax. But that's how a lot of states (Florida, where I live, for example) make their money. You can't fight death or taxes, even if you are a Tea Party follower.


Taxes suck (both literally and figuratively). But they are how government pays for itself so until they come up with a better way I think we're stuck with them. Regardless, I'm not one to debate the issue.

I live in NY and many companies have a business presence here, so I'm used to paying sales tax at many online vendors (eg. Amazon and woot). It is part of the calculation of the cost of a deal though shipping is usually a larger factor.

A few years back, NY State added an Internet Sales Tax line to the state income tax forms (that's not the line's official name, but I'm not digging up last year's forms to find the real name).

The first few years, I checked their suggested figure against my actual (untaxed) online purchases and found the number reasonable. At this point, I no longer bother to check the number because I've increased my online spending at a greater rate than they've increased the number.


One problem I see with that is it will increase the flow of money out of the country. Adding sales tax to online purchases is going to make it that much harder for US stores to compete with Chinese, Indian and other vendors in the world marketplace. OTOH, it might give some smaller states an incentive to keep their state sales tax low to entice online retailers to locate in their state and take advantage of the lower rate. At this point I think communities are willing to consider anything that will bring commerce to them.