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I just use All the things on one page.

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As other members have mentioned I have been trying to stay out of this as it seems to just lead to trouble but there is one thing I wanted to comment on.

@wootsuppp!!: You assume that Amazon only purchases companies for profitability of the newly acquired subsidiary. Amazon will purchase a business if it helps enhance/develop its core business, if the subsidiary is profitable that is just a bonus. Woot was known in the industry for its outstanding warehouse management and cheap shipping models. Think this would help a company like Amazon? Notice how shortly after the final acquisition Amazon's shipping systems became "more intelligent" and at time of initial investment the changes made to Gold Box. Coincidence? Amazon bought Woot to enhance their core not because Woot did or did not make money.

Now if you will excuse me I will be climbing back into my hole before the inevitable negative repercussions come from sharing opinions; which no longer are valued, just beaten and ignored.


Wow, I can not believe so many people still care enough about old vs new. Woot has my deepest respect for possibly inventing the 'deal a day idea' if not inventing at the very least making it mainstream. They changed shopping and sites have adapted the deal a day model, for that Woot, I thank you!

I have come to accept that Woot needed to change because Woot changed online retail. The most interesting/unique here now is deals.woot. edit I did not say I liked it, but what are you going to do?

Remember the Photoshop contests? The last thing I remember from the contest was the people complaining that no winners were declared and a new contest started, I hope it did not end that way for the artist.
I am afraid in the future we will be saying remember when that Jeopardy champion used to write for woot, I miss them days.
My point is focus on what it is now and enjoy, it will change again.


Of course, the 'fix' here is for anyone who's THAT unhappy to go and build their own, community-driven e-commerce site, then, in 6 months or so, try to figger out how to make it self-sustaining, if not self-aware.
Not as easy as it seems, particularly in this economy. And don't quit your day job just yet...


@thunderthighs: I for one am not saying that business shouldn't be "allowed" to grow and change. By all means, Grab that Cash. I'm just observing that, at this point, Woot? has changed to the point that, with the possible exception of the sassy product descriptions, the things that made Woot! cool have all been eliminated. That being said "Cool" doesn't pay the bills so "progress" was inevitable. The analogy to an indie band that gains popularity to the point that it loses credibility with its initial audience and gets label "sell out" is apt. On the other hand "selling out" has always been the goal of Woot, even from the beginning....


I'm getting really worried/upset. I used to love woot when you could come, check the site and they had one item. Even with addtl. sales, I was fine. Amazon bought them and I started noticing a change. Im not here to blame management or the employees or anyone else. It changed, and we can all agree on that. Here's the problem, i go to woot to buy an item- Forget politics, that's what I come here for. Now i had some issues with purchases and stopped. Recently i started "buying" from them again only to be more disappointed than ever before. 3of my last 3 puchases have shipped without an item. Something has just been missing, one time even being included in my shipped email, but missing from the box. They always apologize (after i call them out on it) and refund me my money. Terrible business whoever's to blame, doesnt matter. When i buy from you, i expect my item, and if sold out i expect you to notify me, not for me to wait a month and a half and then have to reach out to you.