questionsi finally got a smartphone, now what?


I don't have an iPhone so will not comment on the apps, but I carry my phone in my front right pocket. When I'm walking or sitting I will typically have the phone in my hand or on a table (it is a Samsung Infuse 4G, but I also have an HTC Arrive for corporate use).


Congrats :) I recommend picking up a good case, which for me has been a lifeproof (good if you're hard on stuff); a zagg skin would be my second choice. I carry in my back pocket, and use a fair amount of data, mostly over wifi.

As for apps, I have several hundred, of which I regularly use about 20. Definitely get a flashlight app (illumination is good), and be wary of apps that don't have a free version to try before shelling our cash. Both apple and cnet have good recommendations. Mostly, have fun with it.


Everyone caves eventually. You put up a good fight. I salute you.

Must have app: Wootie


Let the addiction begin. I carry mine in my purse.

Great free stupid game is Stupid Zombies. I love it.

Best paid for app is Bejeweled and WWF.


Congratulations on your new toy! When I'm home, I usually wear a shirt with a pocket large enough for it... or I can't find it. :) Set up "find my iPhone" ASAP: app on your phone, plus activating it through iCloud. If you lose your phone, you can make it beep - even if it's on silent - via the web. Can't tell you how much frustration that's saved me! Google calendars can synch with the iPhone; I'd be lost without that ability. I also really like Reminders, and I keep ongoing shopping lists with Notes (one note per store; I make the first line be the name of the store because that's what shows from the main Notes menu).

Outside of Apple apps, I prefer the Chrome iOS browser to Safari. Yelp is a great way to find good restaurants if you're away from home. I also recommend the Amazon app, New York Times and AP apps, NPR, and "Sunrise & Set" (all free). OntheFly finds great deals on fares; Jo-Ann's and Michael's apps have coupons right in the app.



Thanks for all the great tips! I did by a hard case, it's a Speck.

What about insurance? I'm paying $9.95 a month with a $199 deductible and my husband thinks it's unnecessary.


@ohcheri: Check out square trade for insurance? I just got a one time use Coupon code for 40% or $40 off a square trade warranty. Just checked the price at square trade. It's $6.99 per month for 24 months or $125 upfront for 2 years. Use of the coupon code takes it down to $85 for two years. I am not using the code so if it is something you are interested in just let me know and I am sure I can find a way to get the code to you.


@dw1771: I found it on Facebook, thank you!


@ohcheri: Check out AppleCare+. There's a one-time $99 fee (within 30 days of initial purchase) and it extends your one year warranty on hardware to two years, and also covers up to two incidents of "accidental damage" like dropping your phone or getting it wet; there's a $49 fee for service/replacement if the damage was accidental rather than a hardware problem, but that's still a pretty good deal compared to the cost of an unsubsidized iPhone (which is what one would have to buy in the middle of a cell phone contract). Of course, it doesn't cover theft or loss, which your insurance plan might, but $440 (two years of premiums plus the deductible) seems quite high. Would your homeowners'/renters' insurance cover theft or loss? Or your business insurance, if you plan to use the phone as part of your business?



1) Delivery Status - track UPS/FedEx/Whatever packages. Also syncs with a Mac.

2) Accuweather - great weather app

3) CardStar - easier than carrying around my CVS or Staples rewards cards. Passbook may take this spot one day, but they don't do bar codes.

4) Google Translate is just fun to play with. You can talk in one language and it will translate to another.

Most of my many, many other apps wouldn't appeal to just anyone so I'll leave those off.


Thanks for making me closer to King of the Hill! (Meaning last person alive to not have a smartphone) ;) Congrats and enjoy....I obviously have no tips, but I will refer back to this thread soon because I will more than likely be buying 2 of them next month (for my teens).


I can't stand using a holster. It's just too middle-aged, middle-management white-guy for me. Mine is in my front pocket with my keys, which means it tends to get scratched.

Not too big of a deal, though. It will be obsolete before the keys beat it to death anyway.

I got the smart phone last year. It's largely disappointing. It hasn't particularly changed my life like they show on TV. I use it mostly for phone calls, texts, and personal calendar.


Thanks again for all the info! I will mostly be using mine for phone calls and texting, just like my "dumb" phone but I did score a free pint of beer yesterday thanks to the Yelp app so the phone has already started paying for itself ;-)