questionswhat happened to post-halloween candy sales?


I was in Walgreens yesterday and they already had their Halloween candy marked off at 50%, which was great for us procrastinators who waited until the last minute to buy our handout candy.


The price of raw sugar, cocoa & other confection-related items has risen since last year. I imagine retailers want to recoup as much as possible before blowing the remainder out to make way for xmas stuff.


lately, stores like target and walmart seem to have reduced their initial halloween candy stocks, so they won't have to sell at clearance prices later. For several years now, target has started halloween/christmas sales at 30% and then every few days increase the discount... 20%, 50%, 70%, 80%.

They're just being smarter about how they run their business. Hell, even a big riteaid in our neighborhood was almost sold out of ALL halloween stuff the entire week BEFORE Halloween. (That whole week was also already 50% off)


store i work@ was 50% off all the Halloween candy today, and we sold a crap ton of it.!


@earlyre: What store do you work at and do you have any Mary Jane's? You'd think those would be leftover because everyone talks about how gross they are but I can't help loving them. And I definitely couldn't find any at all today.


@zuiquan: I'm a Cashier @ a Meijer Store in ohio...
most of what i've seen has been from the big 3 (Hersheys, Nestle, Mars)...I honestly don't remember seeing mary janes at all this year...


I picked up one of the big packs that includes Butterfingers (one of my favorites) and a bigger pack that is mostly Tootsie Rolls at half price yesterday at Family Dollar. Good to keep the gaming group occupied.


I bought a bunch at Meijers in Cincinnati yesterday 50%. And today Kroger had evrything Halloween 50% off.


I got a box of snickers/twix/milkyway and 3 muskateers for 8.99.
There are 18 mixed bars in the box/
Got mine at Rite Aid


Usually sell out by the next day. You gotta get it fast! Its like black friday for candy


As a general rule, retailers are getting much better at being able to estimate what inventory they are going to need for seasonal items. Not too many years ago right after Christmas it was easy to buy lights and decorations (all kinds) at a big discount. Today there is very little left after the season that requires clearance. It is the same way for Halloween (candy and decorations), Easter, and Valentine's day (among others). I always used to be able to pick up bags of red, white, and pink M&Ms after February 14th for cheap: not so much any more. And if there is any left over, it goes quickly.