questionswhat timezone do you have to wait for to post a…


Midnight central. Almost that now.


@mtm2: Thanks for the fast reply. Don't think I am going to make that as I am falling asleep now. I posted it again and it seems to be sticking. If not someone else can have the deal.

Thanks again and have a goodnight!

EDIT: Yeah, its gone. You win again deals.woot, I give up!


@coondogg97: Sorry about the Central Time Zone rule. I learned the hard way, too. It does shorten the time available on the East Coast. ...But that's deal's rule. Thanks for trying. Hope you can stay up & post it at 1PM. BTW: You never get an email explaining why your deal was deleted. :-/


@coondogg97: Don't worry about the time zone; your deal will get the "free" tag and no one will see it anyways...


I just post whenever I come across a sale.