questionsanybody know of a good deal on xbox live?


Make sure you signup for Xbox Rewards here:
Basically, whenever you do certain things, such as signing up for Xbox Live Gold (or resigning up) you'll get reward points, which convert into gamerpoints onto your account. Renewing a 12-month Gold membership gives you 200 points, which is only $2, but it's still better than nothing.

And sorry for not giving a better deal; I just figured I'll let you know about getting free money through Xbox while you're at it.


yesterday this was posted:
12 months live gold, 1 headset, 1 chatpad, 400 xbox live points. $49.99

basically, the best deals you see these days on 12 months subscription is $40, so for $10 more you're getting a spare headset, chatpad, and 400 points.


Yes. Sell the xbox and get a ps3. Their online service is free!


I sold my ps3 for the Xbox. I've learned you get what you pay for.


@jdevenberg: Sounds to me like you got bent over. Did you pay the man?


Anybody know of a good deal on Xbox Live?

Is it free yet? Then the answer is no. Never heard of a good deal on Xbox live.


@doggystyle: No, it was a straight across trade. PS3 with 11 games and two controllers for a Xbox 360 with 14 games and 2 controllers.