questionszombies break into your house, what are you going…


5. Insta-Kill and a Browning Machine gun :) (because I always keep it with me)


If you REALLY wanted to survive, then you push the a family member into the horde and run away out the back door while they're distracted ;)

But anyway, out of those options:
1) Baseball bat - Way too light. Requires more effort and swings than you anticipate to destroy the brain.
2) Steak knife - Good for eye jabs, but with zombies gotta avoid the close range, or you risk getting grabbed by another in the horde.
3) Heavy and could do some damage, but slow and cumbersome. Probably the best of limited options though.
4) Wood chair - Cumbersome and would likely shatter after the first solid blow. Against a single zombie fine, against a horde it'll get you killed.

So I guess from the above options I'd opt for a skateboard. However, realistically out of items most people have around the house, I think a standard shovel is a very underappreciated zombie-killed tool.

Now, if you have duct tape available, a whole new array of potentially awesome weapons becomes available...


Is it bad that I have a machete sitting around in my house?



I always keep one handy for those times when the only other viable weapon is a crappy steak knife.


Push your most hated sibling toward the horde, jump on the skateboard (wish it was a hoverboard), and ride out swinging the bat. Then make your escape and get better weapons and equipment.


I still say distracting them with crispy bacony goodness will work. They nosh; I escape.


Well if they came in now and I was stuck in this room and had to react instantly, I would probably use one of the few laptops I haves sitting around until I can make it a few feet over to my golf clubs, then I would just dive out the window and run for it. Or I may load up Firefly and hope they get as glued to it as I am.


I now decided to read your post and see I had to choose an option. I choose bat. I hit my family so that they fall and are easy prey. I then run for it.


I'd bonk them on the head with a toilet tank cover, double tap. Or, if I was really prepared I'd use an AK47 and a baseball bat, maybe a few molotovs (outside the house, of course).

edit: oops. Didn't read the full question. At least I had baseball bat in there.


i'd go with the steak knife cuz nothing hurts more than those tiny knicks you get from multiple steak knife cuts.

and then i'd run for an ak47 or something


Definitely the baseball bat; I'd be coming at them Ness style (so maybe a yo-yo too). Hopefully, I can fight my way through to my shotty or AR... but I'd probably get bit trying to get the trigger lock off. Dang.


Anyone know a good seasoning for brains?