questionsis it time to retire my ipad?


You could remove the shackles of Apple and get an Android device, but that is not what you are asking and I just did a bit of unintentional trolling.


Unless you're running old versions of iOS (if you're not on 5.x, why not?) it's very unlikely that the apps are crashing due to your hardware.

I'm an iOS app developer, and while the original iPad will be a slower experience in many cases, it will run the full functionality of the OS (other than obvious hardware differences like lack of a retina display or front camera)


It might not crash as often if you make sure you shut down your apps on a regular basis and fully power it off every once in a while. The most common problem I have seen with crashing apps is a lack of resources to run them and these two things free up the memory. You may already know this but I run across many people who don't realize that when they stop using the app it doesn't stop running and is still in the background.


@tsfisch: Since you're an iOS developer are you able to make suggestions to apple for iOS improvements. If yes then it would be awesome to close all backgrounded apps at once.


@asahel01: thanks for the info, i did not know this. i will power down my iPad and fully close out of apps for now on. Thanks!


Your ipad is horribly and irreparably broken, I will help you out and take it off your hands for $50. ;)


@gopvifootball: Apple will sometimes entertain suggestions about things that are keeping us from implementing things we want to do, but not so much about how their OS works outside of what we need to write our apps.

Agreed, it would be nice to have a "close all", or even a "select a bunch, then hit close" option.