questionsdoes there need to be a "hot holiday toy" to fix…


No toy is going to fix this economy (it can't hurt, though).

Next year will be big with the Wii U coming out.


Elmo has trouble speaking clearly I doubt he can fix a struggling economy.


@wnyx585am: Correct but hopefully more in a broad sense of installing consumer confidence.


The fact that so many retail businesses base their entire make or break book keeping on whether people actually splurge on Holiday shopping is more telling of a larger issue with the economy in general...

Take Circuit City... Epic Fail Sale after they bombed at doing christmas. Same with CompUSA.


The talking Billack O'bosby. It's the genetic combination of Obama and Bill Cosby...if anyone could save us, it would probably be him.


If that said toy is made in the USA, then perhaps it'd help. Otherwise, no - it's not going to help ... not in the grand scheme of things, anyways.


Seems to me HDTVs have been the hot holiday "toy" for the last few years. Since it's something the whole family can use, there's less of a perceived need to get separate toys for the kids.

And considering what people have spent on replacing their TVs, it hasn't exactly set the economy on fire.