questionsis there a monthly fee for membership?


For woot!? Ha, surely you jest!

EDIT: In case you're serious, there most certainly is no fee.


deals.woot is free; however, it does have listings for products and services from other companies. Those companies may require a monthly fee. Check with the company for details.

Remember, deals.woot is a place for people to post great deals from other websites. Woot does not charge for this service but you may be bound by the requirements of the website that someone posted on deals.woot.


yes make all checks payable to Miss.Allergic :P


SSSSSSHHHHH! Hush up, you guys! We got a chance at a good thing here.

Yes, @btolisano,indeed there are dues for membership here. They're payable every week and can be paid in small bills with non-consecutive serial numbers to the Treasurer, who is, um, me. I'll get the rest of the info out to you in the next few days. Meanwhile, don't forget to send in your membership app and enclose the $50 processing fee.

If you have other questions, you can write us at


i have recently, in the last 30 minutes, taken over as new official woot Treasurer and all monthly membership fee payments may be made to ME. i can offer 2% off the processing fee if you join within the next 12 hours. you will also get one free world's ugliest baseball cap, shown here

feel free to remit full payment to