questionshas anyone else noticed how amazingly fast woot's…


There were several comments on this thread a couple of weeks ago.


Yes, but I am not confident it will last, I hope it will.


No. It took almost a month for me to receive a recent non-wootoff order from home.woot.


Here's the word by @thunderthighs back in May:

"In our continued efforts to improve shipping, we use a variety of shipping methods such as drop shipping (direct from vendor) and Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). When using FBA, we instruct our vendor to deliver the product to one or more fulfillment centers from which the product will then be shipped. Please note that we are not part of the Prime or Super Saver Shipping program."

To date, the fastest shipment I ever had was on the Woot! cast iron skillet. Ordered Saturday, received on Monday. From the HQ, I've had one shirt arrive in 3 days and several more arrive in 4; most took longer, though.


Woot is using some different shipping methods than before. If you happen to live close to an Amazon warehouse and you order something that they have placed there, then you get your stuff quickly. Things have improved from back when everything was shipped out of Texas.


Just as slow as usual for me.


@br0seidon: Me too ordered something Sunday and won't be here until next Thursday


It depends on the item, but yeah. I ordered my mother a side-sale hoodie on the 11th, and it came on the 15th, in time for her to take it on vacation. I was expecting it would show up sometime next year.


@wilfbrim: I agree, I noticed in about the past year how things have shipped faster, noting the amazon type receipt.


I sure have noticed.

It used to be kindof fun watching a Smartpost tracking, as an item went from Texas to California to Montana to Arizona to Florida to Texas to New York to Wyoming to Nevada to Texas to Massachusetts to California to Utah to Montana to Texas before being sent to me.

Those were the days. Sigh.