questionswhere can i find a power switch extension?


Why turn them off? Do they really use that much power when they're on and not playing sound?


Actually, the AC cord stays on the bottom of the desk and the surge protector I have is there. I saw the computer power center and it works fine, but they were rather pricey on amazon, at least $20, I am looking for a $5-10 solution because All other electronics for my pc I can turn on off easily from where I sit. Just looking for some sort of extension just for the speaker. Thanks


If I'm reading this right, the AC cord goes up to at least tabletop level. You could splice in a switch like the one pictured below at any point on that power cord. I've done it before, on a lamp with a fried dimmer switch. You don't have to be an electrician to do it.


I use a Computer Power Center that has 5 push-button switches that allow me to turn everything on at once and also allows me to turn each component off as needed. Mine is marked for Computer, Monitor, Printer, and 2 AUX switches for extra components. I use 1 of the AUX buttons for my speakers so I can turn them off if not needed. Works great for me!