questionsare you "getting scroogled"? seen the new bing…


Seriously, they need to give it a rest. Their name alone stands for "Because It's Not Google." I love their claim that "People prefer Bing to Google 2:1" Yeah people who have I.E. and can't figure out how to change the default search provider.

I refuse to use Bing, not because its a non-functioning search engine, but because of their annoying anti-Google advertising campaign.


I made a search through the bing toolbar at my neighbors computer. The results were WORTHLESS! Went to Google, same search - Top 5 results were perfect!
Google all the way!


I don't like Bing and will not use it.


I use bing. I switched because they reward you for searches (I have gotten a couple of Amazon gift cards). I find it absolutely no worse than google (who does not give me Amazon gift cards). Same results (if not a little better), same maps (probably also better than google) and shopping (same as google). I admit, I was definitely against it at first but after a few months using it, I think I might actually prefer it. The one thing I don't like is that I sometimes get flash hangups due to the image (sometimes it is an animation) they put on the front page. This is certainly an issue I have with browsers not handling flash correctly, not really bing's fault (it happens with all flash things). The whole "bing" as a verb campaign is really stupid (but I also don't like "google" as a verb either).


I just went to for my first time, and it automatically connected with my facebook account. I don't like it when websites do that (like tripadvisor)


I use Bing about 10 minutes per day to get my free Amazon gift cards but still go back to Google for searches.


I have only used bing out of desperation and I hate it. I feel like someone is holding my hand and filtering the searches for me like it assumes I have no idea what I'm looking for and just assumes this is what I mean. Google is just like "Dude, at least give me a challenge" and it will take me to a vaguely stated messageboard comment made in 1997 on a hobby website that gives me exactly what I was looking for.

Basically, if Google was a woman, no man would ever cheat on her. I'll take my comments off the air while you gather the pieces of your mind that just got blown.


I'll stick with Google.
Bing is only good for free Xbox points and Hulu.


I use Bing. I have serious privacy issues with Google and don't trust them. What are they doing with all those stats and private info? Bing also saves search stats and lets it be known what they do with it, I know, but Google wont come clean. Conspiracy theory? Maybe.


@cengland0: Maybe I'm just oblivious, but does that fire have anything to do with anything?
...everyone should know to check around before you trust any site for the "best" price on anything anyway


Here's my reason to dislike and not trust Google.


@nyjfootball: I don't know if I'd trust any article with a picture like that at the top...


@benyust2: I also use bing for that reason. I will do my 15 searches a day and the daily one they have to get a bunch of points. I have gotten 2 Amazon gift cards like that. I still use Google though; whenever I type a query into my search bar it will take me to google, but my homepage is Bing. I haven't had any issues with either engine and like them both. I like the images on Bing's homepage. However, Google has better search results about 60% of the time. I can find really old posts and obscure info using Google.

If only Google had the same type of rewards program...


@hirshy: @samstag: @benyust2:
I guess I'm totally out of the loop here, what's the gift card deal? ...can I still sign up? ...does it take much time?


@eraten: The 2:1 claim supposedly comes from a blind taste test of both search results. Try it for yourself here:
I don't use Bing, but my point is that the 2:1 claim is not based on the number of people who don't know how to change their default search provider. Nice try, friendo!

Edit: I just did the test searching for things like "woot tracker", "deals on video games", my hometown, xbox profile, halo waypoint... Bing "won" 4 out 5 rounds. I spent more time trying to see if I could tell which side was which then voting on first impression though...may have tainted the results.


I use GoodSearch, which is a Yahoo search. I rather prefer Google, but GoodSearch donates 1 cent for every search you perform to the charity of your choice. It isn't a lot of money per person, but non-profits are really struggling in this economy and I was on the National Board for one for many years so it is near and dear to my heart. So far this year I've sent about $20 to that group just from the times I've used GoodSearch. If all of our members around the world used it, that number would be pretty significant.

The only reason I don't use GoodSearch all of the time is because Google has a desktop option I use a lot, and IE won't allow me to select GoodSearch as my default.


@bsmith1: I just took it, did searches for screencaps and tv quotes, and tv ratings. Picked google 5 out of 5.


I haven't seen the ads. And, I've never used Bing. When I use Google, I seem to get results I want, so not sure why I'd want to switch.


@luvche21: Sign up at Bing Rewards and you can earn points toward various gift cards for doing a bunch of daily searches.

You don't actually need to keep coming up with new searches, though. You can enter one search and then keep on clicking related searches from the list to the right of the search results. With a decent connection you can max out your daily points in a few minutes.

I redeem points for a $5 amazon card about once every 4-5 weeks.


@cengland0: Was that guy using a Microsoft Surface tablet?


@nyjfootball: I don't/won't have a gmail account, don't sign in for any other google services, and only rarely sign into youtube. I'm not interested in giving google any info I can hold back, and I think they long ago gave up the "don't be evil" idea.

That said, I still use google search exclusively, coupled with ghostery for privacy.