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Would you mind getting a cat?


@meems212: can't, i'm allergic.

@vistaseas: lol - i would really prefer to not get that close!


At our first house a few years ago, we started to notice mice droppings in the bottom drawer of the stove when it started getting cold outside (that's when they start coming in). We put out traps and that seemed to help for a while, but then they started becoming more frequent. I spoke to an exterminator about the problem and was told that any attempt to get rid of them would be pointless until I had all of the access points sealed off first. I found, in my crawlspace, a small hole in the foundation where the water line came in that was never sealed off properly, so first I sealed that off with some brick mortar. Then I went into the kitchen and under the sink there was a much larger than needed hole in the floor where the water lines came in. I sealed those off. A few glue traps and mouse traps were put out to get any mice that were currently inside. All was well about a week later. I never saw another mouse there. It just takes patience.


@gbrunner321: There are these mesh things that goes on the outside of the house, I could not remember the correct name. While searching I came across this article that mentions the mesh, I hope you find the right method for you.

Here's the link:


Definitely a cat...the next best way are those sticky tape traps. You just have to be good about checking them, as if you forget they die and start to stink D:


Try eating them, might taste like chicken


You are smart, wish everyone else was, not to use poison. If you do that, they die in the walls, stinky, or your dogs will use the dead guys as a chew toys and they, too, will die. That happened to my sister's neighbor's dog when they were trying to get rid of moles and voles.

I am a wienie. I use the live traps. Catch the guys and let them go in park areas or the neighbors yard who has pissed me off the most lately.

Use that puffy seal stuff around every pipe, check the tops of all your downstairs closets. A lot of builders get lazy in the pantries and laundry rooms..look straight up and check and see if your wallboards hit the ceiling. You would be surprised...


How about a six pack and a 9MM ?


Have you tried adhesive traps? When I used to live in Philadelphia (terrible place, avoid at all costs), I came across rats every other day until I got a few of the name-brand adhesive traps (Catchmaster?).

I'd find one caught on the traps every morning, squeaking for help. Then I'd plant it in my filthy neighbor's house. She never noticed.

Then I kicked my cat out of the house, the good for nothing coward..


As I said earlier...I'm a wienie. I can throw away a trap with a dead mouse but to see one stuck, screaming and suffering..can't do it. Please use a dead trap instead of that sticky stuff..Can't believe PETA isn't all over those things.

Live traps and a nasty neighbors will put a smile on your face every morning..


peanut butter on a snap type trap works good for getting them once they're in the house. As an other poster said, you need to block off their access as much as you can.


If you use kill them dead (the classic mouse trap) Try to let the peanut butter setup and dry on the trap, it will stick better and they will work harder and have a much better chance of setting the trap off, otherwise you may just be feeding them.


@capguncowboy: We had a similar experience. Mice started showing up shortly after Hurrican Gustav hit our area. We could catch the little buggers, but a few weeks later there would be more. Finally, we made a thorough search of the house and found that various pipes and vents into the house had holes much larger than needed. We repaired where necessary and used Ortho Max traps of some kind to wipe out those that had gotten trapped in the newly sealed house. No more mice! We did a good bit of research on these traps since I'm the first one up in the morning and I dreaded the thought of dealing with dead mice. The ones we used do kill them (quickly), but snaps closed so you don't actually see the little critter. Peanut butter or Nutella works best as bait. Good luck!


We call the exterminator and they put food down in places even our cat cant get into. The mice eat the food and when they die they don't stink. Works like a charm for about $50!


We had them coming in to the basement into an area where the water/power/cable went to feed an addition. It was packed with insulation - I couldn't believe they were getting in that way. However, I filled that in with spray foam, made sure there were no other inlets, and just laid traps until they were all gone. (I waited two weeks before I declared victory.)

Peanut butter in a quick-kill trap is what I used. Place them against the baseboard since mice run around the perimeter of a room when they're scurrying about. Putting them next to the wall ensures that they'll find them.


Repeating what @woadwarrior and @caffeine_dude said. Snap traps & peanut butter.
I actually put a dab of peanut butter on the trap peg, then wrap it in a tiny strip of bacon and tie that sucker on! And then, because I am squeamish, I throw the dead mouse and the trap away and start fresh.

Also, as a loong time cat owner, some are mousers and some are not. My cats think that any live mouse in the house is a cool toy. (most likely because they have brought them in from the fields and it's like hunting a baited field)

My best mouser I've ever had was a deaf ferret named Shamus. Because he was long and slender, he could hunt the furry critters down in their homes. We could hear him working under the cabinets. (don't be a ferret hater. as with any pet, proper care & knowledge is necessary for a healthy, happy animal)


We sometimes get a rodent or two when it first starts to get cold outside. Initially we had a heck of a time catching them. They didn't seem to be attracted to peanut butter on traps at all. Eventually we figured out that they weren't actually mice, they are voles. We get the traditional mouse traps that have a little platform that the bait would go on ( We set them up perpendicular to the wall. Since these critters like to run along the walls we catch them without baiting the traps at all.


I've heard that shed snake skins and mink oil work because both are predators of mice. Haven't had the need to try them, the peanut-butter and snap-traps have worked when I needed them.


I have been finding little mice all over my house. We kill one and next thing you know another one is running around. I live in a veryyyyy old trailer and we also live in the middle of the woods. I was just in my bathroom and the little thing walked right in, saw me and then bolted. We have been using the snap traps and peanut butter and it kills them like a charm but they keep getting in. What do i do if i cant find all of the holes they come in through?


@bethy2222: Might be time to get a cat! I seem to have a spare one that is hanging out in my yard. May I pack it up and send it to you? Glad to help!