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Does Woot! pay you every time you announce someone's death?


@stormshadow999: What? Did the scythe and doomsday cloak give you a hint? It's just a tiny little service offered for those of us who miss out on the day's People In The News segment of the paper.
We also get birth/wedding announcements, our daily cookie fortune, lucky Lotto numbers, fashion advice, and when the next time White Christmas can be seen on TV.

Ravi convinced George to return to his guitar roots. I'm sure they're jamming together on some astral plane.


Saddened by his passing. Here's a look at Ravi and one of my favorite violinists. Not a lot of music, a lot of mutual respect.


For what this may be worth: When a performer, celebrity or whomever dies, it IS important to some people. And we may not be aware of it until it's posted here.

If you did not care for that person, please just pass on by. No need to down-vote the notification. It seems so disrespectful.. It would be kind & thoughtful if you would just ignore it.


@stormshadow999: No, I am not paid by woot in any way for anything. That should be quite clear by the fact that there is no hollow square with a little orange square inside it next to my black triangle.

@lavikinga hit the nail on the head. This is the Deals.woot community. We share information with each other. I frequently learn about about global events here first. And sometimes when I hear that someone who touched my life or I found interesting has died, I want to share that with my community.

Do I only post about deaths? Nope. Will I continue to post news of people's deaths if I want to share with the community? Yep. Will I be offended if @stormshadow999 doesn't read my posts or chooses to downvote them? Nope. Do I hope he/she will contribute positively to them in the future? Yep.

To be clear, I have no ulterior motive here... I have no association with a mortuary service or any kind of death-related product lol!

I also post other questions and deals too! :)



@stormshadow999: Sorry for the late response, but I knew when I wrote my comment at whom the jab was intended. I still feel the same. There's no harm to have someone who notices births, deaths, and odd happenings share them on a regular basis. I look at it as the In The News section of our Community Playground. The nice thing is you don't have to expand the topic if you choose not to and if you're feeling particularly ornery, you can even bury the question with a downvote.