questionswhats with disappearing words from posts?


They must have done something wrong or Woot recieved a few complaints. When it comes to sellers who do wrong, Woot's motto is: Never forgive. Never forget.


I wondered the same thing, I voted on your deal yesterday morning right after you posted it and then later in the day I looked at my deals I voted for and it was completely gone - not RIP'd. So yes, I am curious too.


The same thing happened with Dodby. I had commented on their daily deals being unavailable almost immediately for about a week, then they started posting deals that actually stayed active all day (or until sold out). About a week later they completely disappeared, including any mention of them or previous posts. I am guessing (in this particular case) that they were more interested in referral click $$ from other sites than actually selling anything.


It is one thing to block future deals and perhaps delete deals from a blocked site but to search out anyone mentioning a site, with no list of unapproved sites is a completely different.
It is creepy when someone just completely disappears, it reminds me of the quote:
'those who control the past control the future'


I sometimes come here to see if people have had bad experiences with a site before I order. Under this scheme, I would not be able to find anything, good or bad, for a site that is potentially very bad. But, what's the point in complaining? There seems to be no stopping these cascading negative changes across the wootiverse.


The conspiracy theorist in me thinks it has to do with a site not being part of woots affiliate money making partnership such as meritline is under "shareasale" affiliate network.
The site in question sells things very similar to meritline..
In other words, woot isn't making money.

But that's my conspiracy theorist thinking talking


I've got a plausible theory on what's happening, and it's pretty simple:
I noticed days ag
(signal lost)


We reviewed the fasttechdotcom site and did not believe that it was suitable for this community.
We took another look at it today and have concluded that nothing has changed since the original review.

Dodby is a deal aggregator. We do not allow deal aggregators to promote their listings on deals.woot.

All told.


@jumbowoot: thanks for answering.
May I ask what is not suitable about their site?
I'm not fighting for them, but I have bought from them 3 times without issue.
What is the difference between their site and say, meritline which I also buy from all the time. They seem very similar to me.

Thanks again


They are apparently a model that DW doesn't like. Hope you get a more complete answer.