questionsdoes anyone have a site for good cheap tires?


do you have a BJs/Costco/Sam's Club membership? if so, my dad swears by those places for tires.
i usually go to sears, you can order online and they'll ship to the store for installation. but i also get mine installed there


discount tire ( you can pick it out online then have them install/warranty tires.


you are prolly refering to kuhmo's and they are great tires have been running them on my focus for over 2 years w/o any problems. on my expy (expedition) i am running falkens but am also rockin 20's on it and its lowered. despite country of origin all tires here in the u.s. have to pass through the same standards that the D.O.T. set for qualifying for use on all vehicles. whether they are goodyear or kuhmo's they have to pass the same tests.

as for your question go through discount tire. but when you do get the certs on the tire that cover them for their lifetime. if you want good customer service and they are in your area...go through les schwabb


I got a set of tires from The Hankook Optimo H727 are the best tires I have ever owned and Gripston is the cheapest place I have ever found.


Be careful purchasing tires sight unseen. Some of the tires out there are very old, and believe it or not, tires do expire. You don't want to pay for a tire which has been sitting on the rack for 5 years. There is a cryptic code written on tires which tell you when the tire was manufactured.

Personally I would never buy a tire online. Sam's/Costco is your best bet on purchasing locally. I've found great deals on tires on Craigslist because some moron buys a brand new car and puts ridiculously sized wheels on the thing.

Take from this what you will. I just would rather not see anyone careening of an overpass.


I've also had very good luck with - they'll drop ship the tires to your local installer. I just brought the car over and they swapped the tires in no time.

The Costco option is OK if you have a standard car requirement, but they're really inflexible. I used to own a Saturn VUE. The tires on that are a strange size - the Honda Odyssey uses them as well, but that's it. There's lots of other tire sizes that will work as replacement but my local Costco refused to replace with anything but exactly the same size tire. That's silly. (Tire Rack has a size computer that will show you what's compatible and if the size change affects the speedometer readout.)


@crossxcheck I was actually looking at Nankang brand tires and it turns out they really are made in Taiwan. I've had good luck with Kumho before. After doing some more investigating, I seem to get better prices on some sites if I search by size and not by vehicle. Has anyone used these sites?

They have much lower prices, but some different brands.


Its not a site...but I will say the Firestone dealer in my town is the best! I did drop a grand for my SUV tires they are Cooper Discoverer ATR. We live on rural roads and my tires were popping all the time after the roads were grated. Our dealship was awful, we went to Big O and they tried to suggest truck tires that were oversized and just wrong...but on special. Tire Plaza suggested something with a pathetic wear life. So we looked at the sites you mentioned and were ready to ship. But the John's Firestone in Rolla, MO was so helpful when we walked in and they knew tires!! They sold to most of the dealers in town and to the police dept and the postal drivers on the rural roads. They knew what we needed...Check locally. You may find a place that can really help you. I have had two leaks and one flat since these were mounted a year ago compared to about a flat a month. Good tires!!! Well worth it and safe for the family.


i find America's Tire or Discount Tire to have pretty competitive prices