questionshave you ever tipped for excellent service in…


not meaning to be a smart aleck but if it usually takes a couple hours and this time it took two days how is that exceptional service? i realize she told you it would be a week, but that hasn't been your normal experience based on what you said


@moosezilla: good point - I wasn't clear. In the past I had only had maybe 50 photos. This time I had about 700 (someone else gave me the pics, I had NO IDEA there were that many). In my mental planning, I was expecting the normal turn around time based on previous experience, but I was aware that large orders like this one did require significantly more time. I also had some special handling photos that added time. The woman who did the scanning handled it personally so it wouldn't get messed up and my photos wouldn't get out of order and worked extra time (not her scheduled shift) to get it done early.


I don't believe I ever have. I tip waitstaff at restaurants and housekeeping at motels, but I've never received that "above and beyond" from retail.


No, but I have a friend that said he'd done this very thing this week. Stopped at a local auto parts store and they helped him replace a headlight - one of those you-gotta-take-everything-off-from-the-inside-to-get-to headlights.

The clerk went beyond the call of duty to replace his headlight and he tipped him.


I personally haven't, only because I haven't found many people in retail that went above and beyond for me.

I tip over and above for great service in a restaurant though!

However, I work in a self-storage facility, and a few times that I've done something to help out a customer, they gave me some money and told me to go buy myself lunch. And, I have a few customers who know I sell at flea markets on the side, or repair iPods as a hobby that have given me goodies to sell...or a broken iPod I can fix. One customer even made me beef jerky once, oh so good! I never realized I was being that nice, but I guess I am, lol! I certainly appreciate all the little 'gifties'. However, the thought that someone would be nice like this isn't what motivates me. In most cases, it's just what I would want someone to do for me if I was in my customers situation. I guess the Golden Rule works out for me sometimes :)


I have tipped delivery people and service people sent out by retail stores (such as a carpet installer or furniture mover). I have never tipped someone at the store level who is salaried to perform their job. Granted, some do much better then others, and upon reflection, I do think they probably do deserve better compensation or recognition - but tippping for selling me something - no.


@klozitshoper: I agree, this definitely seemed like a unique situation. In this case it was a service more than just a product so that sort of made a difference. The more I interact with people in different types of jobs, the more I hear about tipping in circumstances that I never knew existed. I've had times before where I would have liked to do something for someone who went above and beyond but didn't know if it was appropriate. Now I feel more comfortable doing something like this. It helps that my husband is much more of a "people person" than I am and brings me out of my shy shell.


I've never tipped someone in retail. I have, however, written nice letters/emails to management on their behalf.


In many retail environments that I have worked in, employees are not allowed to accept tips or freebies from product reps. Accepting tips is cause for automatic termination. A phone call or email to the to the manager or corporate number is always appreciated, because most often it results in positive recognition from the mucky-muckys, and occasionally swag.


I'd be uncomfortable with tipping as you never know what a company policy might be, and some people might find a tip to be an insult to their professionalism. But I do make a point of speaking to the manager on behalf of an extra helpful employee. At the supermarket this weekend I forgot a great coupon, and a guy stocking groceries went and got me one from the back. We chatted for a while and then I went to pick out a watermelon. He saw me and called over another produce guy who has a reputation for selecting great melons. The guy was quite happy to dig around and find me the best melon. I wanted to tell the manager how helpful they'd been but he was out, so I plan to look for him on my next visit. I've been a customer there since they opened and the manager knows me by sight, so it has a bit more oomph than just any customer.