questionswhat is your home office setup?


My house has an awkward lay-out, and as a result, has 3 dens, a odd shapped entry/sitting room and a couple of extra bedrooms. There isn't really a living room aside from the entry (8x14).

I ended up putting the living room in the downstairs den, and used one of the upstairs dens into an office/den -- My kids are allowed in this room only when I'm not working. I have a couch and a TV, and my work desk, and my personal desk. I put them adjacent to one another so I only have to turn to the left to go from my home pc to my work pc. I also put my personal monitor on an Ergotron Monitor stand so I could swivel over to sit next to my work screen. It allows me to watch movies or keep up with Woot while I'm working without having to twist my head around.

I'm not sure if I like the current set up or not, I'm still trying to decide. Perhaps I'll get some better ideas here



I don't have any good ideas for you, I guess. My "home office" was reclaimed from the "dining room" when we built the house. I have a computer desk w/hutch and a wall-mounted 32" TV so I can multi-task when there's something on that I want to watch while I woot. No actual work gets done here though, as my paying job involves another type of of labor.


I don't have a standard set up (certainly not one that would be useful to you), but I've got a few suggestions. My own computer room has two large racks (6'x3'x18"), with five shelves each (but I don't use the top shelf for anything, since I am only 5'). I have mostly computers on the shelves, but also random equipment (including one 8-Port KVM on each), and my Cisco router takes up half a shelf by itself. There's more, but you get the idea.

I always believe that the most important thing in a home office (or any office) is a comfortable chair, and I prefer to have something I can put my feet up on, too. I used to have a desk, but got rid of it, and just use a table instead. Much friendlier to the knees. I really recommend a two-drawer filing cabinet or so. It helps to keep you organized, and they're a perfect height for things like printers.

I have a bulletin board, and one of those month/year at a glance calendars.



[continued] Why a calendar? Well, I have three computers with calendars, but I still find it helpful to have that danged paper one, too. I can just quickly glance at it if I'm on the phone, and know that next week is going to be a bear, and not to schedule something else. I also have a fancy iPod dock/CD Player/MP3 Player, if I need to listen to music. There's a TV, too, in a corner, just in case.

I'm a fan of white boards. If you have the room to mount one, great, but they also come as an easel, and those are still pretty useful. One of the things I miss about my office (when I worked) was that I had three of them. Some things just work better if you can visualize them.

I have a bunch of bookcases, but they're loaded with parts, and random odds and ends. I have a couple of those plastic three-drawers on wheels things that you can get in Target or BB&B. Those are great for keeping cables, or tools, or extra network cards.



[continued] Hopefully some of my suggestions will remind you of things you'd find useful, when you move. One of my favorite things is a P-Touch Brother Label Maker. I've labeled all those drawers so that I'll know which one has the network cables, and which one has additional cables for the KVMs, or tools, or random parts.

I have a network map showing me KVM position, switch position, IP address (IPv4/IPv6), and name. While that's overkill for most people, having your current network information written down, and visible, can be helpful for you if trying to debug things.

Much of your setup depends on what you're doing with it. If you're writing code, your needs will be different than if you're shopping for deals, or managing an eBay storefront.

[When I bought my house, the room I now use was called the family room, so it's large. I also have dedicated power, so I don't overload anything.]