questionswhat is the most annoying refrain you see on woot…


Using the word bacon to sell a product that doesn't involve or taste like bacon.


Definitely the shipping. Always the shipping.

And "So-and-sos price are so high, even this discount isn't a deal." Sigh.


"mom" in reference to lingerie ads


Seeing "free shipping" in the title when it is only free under very restricted conditions that the general populous won't meet (super deluxe premium rewards member for $100/year, purchase with other items 10x the cost of the deal, etc.).


After reading the article today about warehouse pickers and runners and packers and stuff, I don't think I'm going to complain about shipping costs ever again. Rough, brutally tiring and thankless job!


We can add complaints about MIRs as well. There's always one...


When people put Free in a deal, but you have to pay for shipping or its BOGO.


The flood of cheap Chinese junk that shows up most days.

Oh, and the idiotic company that lists deals for Macbooks and iPads but requires you to buy at least two. Duh.


@teenracer6 & @rhmurphy: You're on the wrong thread. Hahahaha!


I find it interesting that my last post is being down-voted. Let me explain the reason for my comment: This thread is for those complaining about complainers on deals, not to complain about deals. My last post was a bit tongue in cheek...