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If Georgia allows you to take a driver's safety course in lieu of paying a moving violation you should contact the Municipal Court office (or whatever Georgia calls it) and request to be able to take a course in your home city and submit the documentation via mail. Here in Texas the course costs about the same as the ticket but your record stays clean. Alternatively, you could hire a GA moving violations attorney (check the yellow pages) to represent you in court to pursue the same result.


It is important to remember that your time and effort have value, too.
Unless you have a job where a pristine driving record is required, just pay the fine and move on with your life.
You are looking at 2 points. You can get 12 points before your privledges are affected.
As far as the law is concerned, your points expire after 2 years.
Insurance is different. Moving violations stay on your MVR for 7 years. Insurers have a sliding scale to determine their risk based on how old an offense is.
Your insurance rates really won't be affected much (if at all) for 1 ticket.
If it is just a point of pride, just get over it and pay up. $#*! happens.
Speaking from experience, this is the cheapest way out of your out-of-state situation.


Does Georgia report moving violations to North Carolina?

I know that I got a couple of tickets in Virginia a few years ago and they didn't show up on my history when I switched insurance companies.

Might be worth looking into before you start trying to work around it


I guess the question is how much is it worth to avoid the points on your license and avoid your insurance going up for the next 7 years (probably). I can't answer those questions. It may be worth a call to the insurance company and see what will happen to your rates, and if taking a defensive driving course would bring them back down.

If not, then it may be worth it to lawyer up. There are plenty of lawyers who will take your money. Good chance they will be able to get the charge reduced and avoid any points on your license and any insurance going up. Spend some time with Google, I bet you will be able to figure out how much you will have to spend on a lawyer and what the likely outcome will be.


You could always call the prosecutor/DA and see if they are willing to reduce the charge to a non moving violation. They may make you take the class and pay a fee, but if you are worried about insurance, it may be the better option, and you wont get any points.