questionsdoes the tooth fairy visit pets?


how cute :) i've never seen it done but if the tooth fairy is something your kids believe in, then why not take part with the puppy teeth too?
i googled and saw that people do participate in puppy tooth fairies even without kids asking about it. the puppies mostly get new chew toys


Sure thing. They get snausages.


I wish the Tooth Fairy had chipped in some $$ last year when my newly-adopted 3.5 year old rescue hound had NINE rotten teeth extracted! Free advice: get your pup used to frequent tooth brushing now to spare him - and your wallet - later.


Feeding raw prevents tartar build up, so you could always switch to that.


My puppy is only like 6 months i believe anyway he has already l started losing his baby teeth if I am not mistaken because one morning I woke up and he had on of them 9" dog bones and we didn't have any that size and no one we know had came over so we got to thinking it either had to be the tooth fairy r Santa..