questionsis anyone here a member of directbuy club?


My husband and I came close to joining before we did further investigation into their shady practices. First, they are as pushy as time share sellers. You get one visit/tour/presentation where you are highly pressured to join the club at a whoppingly HUGE fee. If you don't join at that visit, you are BANNED FOR LIFE...or for an extended length of time.

They work as a middle man for ordering products. Be aware, if something needs to be returned, if something was damaged, you have an issue with the product, YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN and must return the product yourself directly from whence it ordered. You will get absolutely no help from Direct Buy.


or watch this


i'm not but a former coworker signed up for some free preview they offered and didn't stop getting phone calls from them to sign up. i've seen the commercials, that;s about it


I talked to a former employee once who said she'd hated her job because there were so many hidden/unmentioned charges and fees involved that the customers were usually angry and rude about it.


@lavikinga: Aha! just what I expected to hear! Thanks so much for the warning & quick reply. I thought that their sales practices were a bit shady, but they have been around a bit now, and I was giving it a second thought. Just the fact that I have gotten a barrage of ads in my spam filter gave me the willies. But I couldn't bear the thought that it just might be a great deal I was missing out on. Unless I hear differently from a huge number of other respected wooters, I'll give this a pass.

@w00tgurl: Exactly what I wanted to avoid, Thank you.


@magic cave: Reminds me of my veeery brief stint in phone sales. Thanks. Did she perhaps know about the secret handshake?


this company makes gearxs look positively angelic.


I am friends with a member. Basically, he said that the deals on custom kitchen cabinetry are the sole reason he joined. The savings recieved on his kitchen remodel from the cabinetry alone paid for the membership. As for the rest of the deals, he didn't think they were 30% or 40% cheaper (as advertised) than what you can find at any local retailer. As others have mentioned, after you add the fees and shipping costs there is more like a 10% savings.
So, in short, if you are looking to remodel a kitchen and will be purchasing alot of cabinetry it may be worth it....


@jimmyd103: 1st positive reply, Thanks for the scoop, sound like something I will still pass on, but is is interesting to hear that someone liked it OK.


their pitch sounds good but it implies that they are supplying leverage you'd otherwise not have. in this economy (or any one where you're not a herded consumer eating out of the big-box retail trough) you should have plenty of leverage to find a hungry cabinet supplier who wants your business without their middle man inefficiency.


@snapster: I already did the cabinets, bought them from a cabinet shop just like you said. I never got to hear the pitch, they seemed so heavy handed, just on TV commercials & the web. I asked this question because I was kinda surprised they haven't gone out of business yet. I am surprised it's not a pyramid scheme though.


@pickypickypicky: I consider this a high quality question. I researched them a few years back with your same exact mindset. Even as an electronics wholesaler with awareness of a few other industry supply chains, it was hard to bucket them.


@snapster: I know what you mean. All the positive reviews online looked canned, or as if the were written by a cult. Still no secret handshake info.
"I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member." G.Marx


check out the youtube vids. the ones posted by directbuy themselves have comments disabled... there's your sign that says "RUN AWAY!!!!"