questionshave you ever been jumped?


Yes... now define "gigantic" head. I wear an 8 1/4 fitted cap, and I have very little hair. You?


Not been 'jumped' in that sense. Was a euphemism for something that case, yes I have.


@tarasadies: I haven't bought a fitted cap but apparently according to hat size chart my head is an 8 but measured out it is 25" circumference.


So, do you mean "midget" in the diminutive way, to describe someone as generally short; in the medical way, to describe someone shorter than average, but with roughly the same proportions of someone of average height; or just in the demeaning way, to taunt them for being shorter than you?

Back to the Q, after receiving a quite a drubbing, I was robbed with the threat of bodily harm from a deadly weapon. From their tattoos, I'm pretty sure that they were part of a gang that wasn't based out of a high school. One of the few times I was glad I was both poor and a college student.


I have been jumped. It was during my freshman year in high school in Naples Italy. That was such a horrible place with terrible people. Without a doubt, the most dangerous school I've attended.


I was never but my friend was mugged for $10 one time.. then got $2 back from the mugger..true story.


Yes I've been jumped. But not since high school.

I was probably 13 at the time. I had never seen any of them before and they didn't even want anything. Just ghetto violence.

It's now 20 years later and I've got a CCW. I'd recommend they mind their own business.


Once in high school. I was cutting class, going to work. They didn't get anything of significance (a bus/train pass that was expiring in two or three days anyway) nor was any violence done.


@curtisuxor: At the time they jumped me they were really short about 4'10"(147cm) to about 5'0" (152cm) while I as about 5'4"(162cm) or 5'5"(165cm). Most of the freshmen were my height so I don't think I was the anomaly. I think by senior year they grew to be about 5'2"(157cm) and I was 5'10" (178cm). So while they aren't midgets by medical terminology they are a lot shorter than average height.


Well a couple of guys they were up to no good. Started making trouble in my neighborhood. I got in one little fight and my mom got scared.


@tarasadies: OMG that's HUGE! Your head is like an inch larger than mine!
I used to wear 7 1/8, but those are pretty snug these days -- haven't been fitted for a true fitted hat in a while.


@mstislavski: Did you have to live with your Auntie and Uncle in Bel-Air?

I was jumped in 7th grade. Was taken to the bathroom, punched and thrown around. I remember sliding on my back under the urinal. Luckily they got bored with me since I wasn't fighting back and they unlocked the bathroom and left.

Middle school was a terrible three years for me. I really don't remember much about it.


My friend was actually just jumped a couple nights ago, I don't really know thee hole story but he ended up have to got to urgent care and it turned out she got a concussion. I haven't seen her since it happened, but I saw pictures and she's all bruised up and has big scrapes on her knees.

I've never been jumped though, or in fight for that matter.