questionshow were things resolved, during that dollardeals…


It may be an innocent, brand new wooter, that simply stumbled on those deals, I am not sure yet, but given my lousy internet connection, I can't easily check it out. I also had trouble pasting the link, but you can browse the above, or search for graveyardmall.


ok. i read thru the five questions that mentioned graveyardmall, and now i am curious as to what went down with them?
they have someone that post here, but they follow the rules and their name reflects that affiliation.


Perhaps you have them confused with a different vendor?...
1. I don't recall any kind of "debacle" involving @graveyardmall, nor can I find any reference to one.
2. They still have 69 pages of deals listed.
3. The vendor has posted a deal as recently as 10 days ago...



I saw this post last night and thought the same thing, deciding to wait until morning before writing anything.

The only issue I can think of with graveyardmall is that mystery box deals are not allowed (with the exception of those posted by woot).

Perhaps the OP has graveyardmall and dollardealsclub confused?


@jimeezlady: @baqui63: Just got back on, you both are right, I was mis-remebering the name, it was dollardeals. I (obviously) wasn't sure, but I couldn't confirm, because of my lousy connection. Thanks to all for correcting me, should I tattle and remove the question, so that it doesn't besmirch their good name, or let it stand as a testament to my stupidity?

Many apologies to dollardeals club


@pickypickypicky: Wait. Didn't you mean "many apologies to Graveyard mall" instead? I'm confused. Please don't make my head hurt. It's so EARLY..............


@shrdlu: Yes, of course, I am going to go sit in the corner now. If you think your head hurts...

My shame burns brighter than a thousand suns, apologies are to graveyardmall, not the universally reviled dollardealsclub.

@shrdlu: please advise me re: tattle on my question, or let it stand? I promise to abstain from wooting for the next few days, to atone for my transgression, at least until you headache goes away.


@pickypickypicky: Please note that it's been (more or less) altered. I'd ignore it, and move on. I've had more coffee, it's a bit later in the morning, and life is good.

I wouldn't worry about it, personally. I like to call that type of mistake a thinko (your brain, making a typographical error).



Yes, the question was altered and now it is making my head hurt. (IMHO, the mod that altered it should have added a comment stating that they changed the title to protect the innocent.)

But I'd say moving on is the best way to deal with it all.