questionswhere can i find quality cookware for under 20…


Each piece? Or for an entire set? Here's a cheap set that would average less than 20 for each piece.

Do yourself a favor and slowly build a collection of high quality. Buy a decent saute pan or fry pan and work your way up. You'll thank yourself in the long run.


@lavikinga's question/point about price is very valid - you're not likely to find a full set of worthwhile cookware for anywhere near that price... However, you could, if patient, find individual pieces for close to that price. One of my favourite brands that offers one of the best compromises between quality and price is T-Fal, and there's usually hardly a compromise on quality there :) They've been pretty consistently good.


@arosiriak: I hate to say it, but I found a very nice set of T-Fal at a local consignment shop the other day for around nine bucks. Very little wear and seemed to be well taken care of. Perfect for an off-set to teach the misses how to cook.


I just got my first frying pan from pampered chef.

they're overpriced, but seem good quality so far.

host a party and you can get all kinds of stuff for free from them.

edited to add:
I like the layered stainless/copper bottoms that are heavy & thick, they distribute the heat more evenly and prevent warping, like cheaper pans are prone to do.


I know you said no to Wally world but this pot is an exception.
This is my go-to pot for everything. I looked long and hard for a 6 qt pot. I bought and returned several more expensive styles. They were crap. This pot has stood the test of a years worth of use and abuse! I hand wash, but the family has put it through the dishwasher many times without harm. I loved it so much, I went back and bought a spare, in case they discontinue it. My review used to be there but I guess it got yanked because I dissed Target's line of Giada cookware.


I would say your best bet is to find your local restaurant supply store. Many will generally also sell to the public. Commercial equipment is usually very good quality for a very good price. Restaurant owners and chefs don't like to spend a lot of money but need durable stuff. I first went to one of these stores while in culinary school and now it's my first stop if I need a new pan or any kitchen item.