questionswant to see a dog being shamed ?


Not really into it. The dogs don't know what's going on, so there's no point in "shaming" them other than for human entertainment. This is just one dog version of spamming the internet with photos similar to cat memes.


Someone at work emailed me a bunch of these. Some of them were pretty darned funny. In most cases the dog doesn't have a clue, although when dogs chew up something they are not supposed to they darn well know they have been bad. But these photos are for us humans, as dogs don't get on the internet. Unless Simba gets up to more trouble when I am not home than I suspect.


@moondrake: 100% of the time the pooch's think it is just down right fun stuff !

They can tell when you don't agree by the look they get on their mug's
and they won't look you in the eye.


@computiac: My Borzoi actually confessed one time. I left a half-eaten candy bar on the table and went outside to do some yard work. When I came back in he came up to me and laid the empty candy wrapper at my feet and then huddled down in front of me looking shamefaced. It was so hilarious I could barely tell him "bad dog".


@moondrake: Very funny !

One time in particular my Choc. Lab ate my dinner before I got home.
I knew what I was having and so did he. When I got home the refrig. door was open and a empty pizza box was trapped between the door and fridge.

The only way he got caught right away was not being able to figure out how to close the door after the deed was done !