questionsis it right being forced to drive slow on theā€¦


Yeah, those plow truck jerks! Up at 4am working to clear the roads so we can drive safely in the morning. How dare they!?


I have no problem with them wanting to clear the roads, but there wasn't any snow left to clear, and why on earth do they need to attempt to clear 2-3 lanes all at once preventing the normal flow of traffic?


Actually, plowing all the lanes at once does a better job of clearing the roads. If they cleared one lane at a time then the snow would be getting pushed into the next lane of traffic to be driven through until they could make the next single lane pass. They can't plow the roads at 70mph, it would damage the trucks and the road. Be grateful that they actually plow the roads in your area, here in Seattle we have to fend for ourselves.


And what about those cops that block traffic deliberately after there's a wreck on the road? I mean, talk about selfish, right?


If I see one more firefighter putting out a building while I'm trying to make s'mores, I'm going to lose it!!!


@nortonsark: Sure if they were all plowing but they were not.. all the plow trucks / salters were in the right lane, while the other vehicle was in the left lane blocking ppl from going by. it was asinine.

Not to mention that there was nothing to plow... this was 8 hours after the snow had stopped falling, 8 hours after everybody had already used the hell out of the highway... Why were they not out doing this right after the snow? Why wait till the morning and attempt to do something that didn't need done?


@darkinc: did you ever hear of black ice? If it looks as though the roadway is bare, but wet, if not salted/sanded and the temps below freezing, you can be looking at a massive pileup. I vote with everyone else - just be thankful for these maintenance people out and doing their job.


@klozitshoper: Baa... If it was as bad as the herd seems to think, then why did they let people pass eventually? Ah right they had a magical black ice detector right? They knew 100% where it ended even tho there was no change in the road? Sorry I am not going to be "thankful" for people holding me up, if I choose to drive the speed limit then just get out of the way.


@darkinc: Dude, why don't you just suck it up? Better to be 40 minutes later than expected than have a wreck on the ice. They could've been finishing up, or just taking care of some problem areas that have been reported on that highway. It's not like they were doing this just to mess with you, they were doing what their supervisor told them to do.


Don't take their crap, pass 'em and drift the rest of your way to your destination.



@matt1976: If I would have had room I would have passed them in a heart beat :)