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This staff answer indicates that, yes, woot will charge tax as well. My thoughts? The government has missed out on millions of tax dollars by not taxing internet sales, so it's only a matter of time until we all do. :(


Meh. As much as I like to gripe, taxes are actually a good thing. They serve a purpose and it's not like we're talking outrageous taxes. I enjoyed the ride while it lasted, but am not really going to complain.

Besides....REALLY looking forward to that 1-Day shipping.....


I regularly buy from Newegg and Monoprice, both of which are based in California and thus, taxed. As long as the value is still there, it won't affect my purchasing habits from Amazon/Woot/etc.


California is already the highest-taxed state in the country. The politicians here keep trying to raise taxes even higher saying it's the only solution to our problems, but if that's true then why don't other states with lower taxes face the same problems?

You tax what you want to get rid of. You want less traffic? Add gas taxes. You want fewer smokers? Add cigarette taxes. You want fewer drinkers? Add alchohol taxes.

So what happens when you add taxes to business? You get rid of business. Period.

California is milking businesses for every penny they can, and then wondering why all the businesses are leaving the state.

And this anti-tax rant is brought to you by a mostly liberal democrat. Like most democrats, I believe in appropriate taxes. But California left appropriate behind long ago. Including local city, county, and state taxes, I recently paid 10.75% sales tax for a regular purchase. That's just crazy.

I can't wait to move the heck outta here!


@mrgrogg: 10.75% ... Pico Rivera or South Gate? In either case, they're down to 9.75%; actually, they've been down for a year now, really.


@mrgrogg: You do realize that this actually spurned the creation of multiple Amazon facilities in California almost immediately, right? It's not making businesses go away...that's political rhetoric....reality says differently....don't let the media think for you!


In california, taxes rarely get used for anything worthwhile. Cut schools, police, and roads & fire services, but keep feeding ridiculous bureaucracies like "The committee on the status of women" and the supposed bullet train that is now planned to only be a regular speed 80-billion dollar train.

There's even a bill right now that will require us to hire a second babysitter to relieve the first babysitter when babysitter 1 must take their legally mandated bathroom and meal breaks. 3 of our closest neighbors have moved out of state in the last 12 months, and we're looking to do the same. Damned whores in the state house are corrupt pieces of garbage, spending money like it's not theirs.... oh wait, that's right, IT'S NOT.
I visit friends in Tahoe or Reno every 4-5 weeks, and they've already agreed to let me ship amazon purchases to their address. At least til 2014....


@ OP: california DOES NOT need the money, there will never be enough tax revenue for the current occupants of the state house. EVERY TIME a new source of revenue is created, they find new ways to waste the money. My wife works for the state, and her office building just got all new carpet and paint throughout, even though there was no need for it, the building is only 4 years old! 3 story, 35,000 squarefoot building. The people in charge of building maintenance didn't even know why it was being done, they just said it was budgeted, so it was being done.


Thoughts: Welcome to da club


@pstrnutbag44: Sorry. You're wrong. I've had three jobs where myself and everybody I worked with were offered the opportunity to move to another state or be laid off when California offices were closed. And now I'm doing it too. The company my brother and I started in California has mostly completed its move to New Mexico. I'm the only one left in California. I work from home, but that home will soon be in New Mexico.

Just because Amazon is building offices in California does not indicate that this is the trend. Amazon has offices everywhere. But when a company must choose where to concentrate its business, California taxes ensure that it chooses elsewhere.

Don't let your own choice of media use their rhetoric to blind you. You are missing out on reality.


Yeah, I have a thought ...California is the sewer of the USA.


As I've written before when discussed about other states, the free ride is over. I don't know why anyone thinks that just because it's sold on the Internet, it's not subject to taxes.

Also, even when you're not assessed sales tax by the merchant, you're supposed to pay a use tax, as specified in many states.

And all those complaining about California and threatenting to move, we'll miss you but you've probably been saying it for years so it's likely not going to happen so you'll keep on complaining. You probably don't see the absurdity in this, do you?


@mrgrogg: Again, your anecdotal evidence is not enough to support your theory. More than just Amazon, several large companies have been breaking ground in California left-and-right, even in places that are not well off, such as Fresno, Ca. Take a look around Santa Clara County, etc. Those places are not losing businesses as you imply. Perhaps the people you knew lost business and/or moved, but it's simply not the case for everyone. Look, I understand that you personally have been affected, but it does not mean everyone else has. There's more at play then either of us are mentioning when it comes to businesses leaving/moving, a lot has more to do with greed (nobody wants to admit it) and profit margin then wether or not they are "losing" business. I have no need for media when it comes to these things, I am a Gov't Employee and know the actual #'s. TV rots the brain. Greed ruins business.

Social Contract sez: Pay the cost of doing business! ;-)


@first2summit: Couldn't agree more! Nobody wants to admit to this either....we should have been paying all along, why cry now???


Your top 5 Reasons business leave CA:

1. Insurance Premiums (Greed on part of Insurance Companies) (#1 BY FAR!)
2. Litigation Services (Need I point out the greed involved here???
3. Health Coverage Costs
4. "Living Wage"
5. Gone completely overseas

NONE of those are "Losing Business" or's easy to assign blame, much harder to dig deep to understand why things happen. I'm sorry for anyone's loss, but if anyone was told it was because of taxes, I am not sure you were told the truth. NO (that's right, exactly 0) business has reported that as their reason for closing/relocating, at least in any official capacity....


I've actually been defending California for the 40+ years I've lived here, I love so much about this state, but the corrupt government and insane regulations have changed my mind over the last year. As relatives and friends have been leaving the state, I've slowly seen the light. I spent the summer in Ohio, and was amazed how much I liked it there. The roads are better, the taxes were lower, the people were friendlier, and they allow their citizens more freedom to do as they wish. In Ohio I didn't need to check with the government before throwing a log onto a fire in the back yard. When/if we do leave the state, I'll be closing my small business down and that's 3 more jobs the state will have lost. I've got no problem paying my fair share of taxes for services the public needs, but I despise seeing the state I've loved so long slowly decaying while those who are productive are taxed to death.