questionsin general, is the boc hunt worth it anymore?


Last night's events were a new low for the new Woot. Consider the fact that the BOC page was live for at least 8h 36 minutes before the first sale. That means that the page went live some time around 1:30pm - 2:30pm CDT. This is an unacceptable amount of time for the page to be live if the Mods wanted (or expected) all participants to be totally honest.

By leaving the page live for so long, the organizers invited (and implicitly condoned!) the type of chicanery that occurred last night. The handling of this incident has been abysmal on all fronts.

I think I am through with chasing the White Rabbit.
I shall enthusiastically participate in all DW BOC Exchanges and Events. It's much easier to get my fix from the Community BOC than from the Main Page BOC.

You all may continue down the Rabbit Hole. I am getting off at this stop.


And another thing:
I found the BOC during a woot-off to be far less disappointing when I didn't score one than one that I spend some time actively participating in trying to unlock. All you can hope for is that your own cleverness and ingenuity will allow you to solve the puzzle 16 nanoseconds faster than 199 other people so you can press buy now first.

@Inkycatz posted a question last week on the DIY effect.
If @Inkycatz is working on a Sociology Thesis studying the DIY effect, then we may have just proven it yesterday.
How many thousands were participating happily only to find out that there was no way to win? It leaves you with a sense of ownership in nothing. That's what leads to the sense of entitlement.


@lumpthar: No, but if I go back to school that'll give me an idea what I should be aiming at studying. :)


Let's be honest, it hasn't been worth it for awhile lately anywho. My favorite random-chance-you'll-get-one were the wootoff lights tied to the stock market, and you get a BOC based on some digit in the NYSE. Never heard why that was so awful.

But lately they're been just awful, I expect an XS or XXXXL shirt in there if I get one, an okay bag, and dollar store toys. It's kind of cool to have a surprise I suppose, but I'm not trying to get any BOCs with this puzzle thing anyway because it just isn't worth my time to get the crap that's being pawned.


I had more fun with the Wootizen BOC and would totally do that again instead of trying to win/game/solve some puzzle to have a chance at an original BOC from Woot. Likely to receive better crap, too.


Psst. It's never been worth it. It is just junk.


@lumpthar: "By leaving the page live for so long, the organizers invited (and implicitly condoned!) the type of chicanery that occurred last night." I disagree that making a mistake such as failing to safeguard the web page implicitly condones code-breaking activities. Failing to lock my front door is not an implicit invitation for people to move into my house. It was a mistake, it led to some bad behavior, and they should have foreseen it and locked their virtual door.


@moondrake: I see what you're getting at, but to put it another way:
You live in a crime-ridden part of town. You know the risk is higher in this part of town than in...say the middle of the country, isolated from other people.
If you leave your door unlocked and your TV and Blu-ray are stolen, you share part of the blame for the break-in, because you are aware of the risk.

Wooters are likely more clever than other users of Amazon etc, and it should be expected that Wooters would be trying to break the code of the BOC site all day.

I'm just sayin'.


@moondrake: It's not just the making the BOC live hours and hours before the last bit of the puzzle was released...

Woot hired an artist to make the map and he posted a poorly censored sketch online.

Woot could have redirected people with referrers so folks coming from links SD, Twitter etc get bounced to the 404 page and everyone would have assumed the posted links were troll posts.

Woot could have included a coupon code on the final puzzle piece much like they did with the $1,000,000 April Fools' crap a few years back.

They aren't new at this game. They should have expected this to play out like it did.


No, it's not. The Wootizen BOC is much better, and I'll give you props in the other thread. :)