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$18 for crappy shirts that won't last 2 months? Not for me. I am so frustrated, and can't even share my opinion over there. I get censored/deleted every time. I've tried to share this post twice, only to have it deleted...

I'd be on a mission to order a smaller size of every shirt I own and love that is too big if only they were on the same quality shirt as the ones I own and love. When I say heartbreaking, I really mean it. I guess this truly means there is nothing left for me to buy unless we have another rare color plus sale.


@trekmiss: I saw that censor! My wallet doesn't have to worry too much afterall. :(


@trekmiss: You have made no secret of the fact that you don't like the new blanks. I'm sorry you continue to be disappointed. However, the blog is to announce and discuss the catalog of shirts. There are a lot of questions about this and we're trying to get answers as fast as we can. It would help if you keep your comments on topic - the catalog.


@thunderthighs: With all due respect, my responses were in fact on topic for the catalog. If you had let my post stand, I doubt I'd have anything else to say. If you'd just back off a little bit, it sure would be a lot less frustrating. I'd take this to PM's, but you removed that option from me. I've never been abusive, never used profanity, I've only stated my opinion. If you don't like it, I'm sorry, but it's not personal against you.


@thunderthighs: I also want you to know that out of respect for you, I have not switched to another account and continued my conversation. I have a 2nd account that I have used back in the day for ordering when 3 shirts wasn't enough. I just hope that you will understand that I'm here because I love Woot, and would do anything to be able to replace my Woot shirt wardrobe. I had my hopes up with all the hints flying that something amazing was about to happen. When it finally happened, it wasn't so amazing, because the shirts still don't fit me.


Jeez, lots of censorship going on in that thread.

Since my comment will be deleted shortly, I will have to copypasta here:

I'd have to echo what Fez said... (his comment was there before I commented and gone afterward)

Anvil blanks are the only thing preventing me from wanting to buy any of the older designs.

As such, I haven't bought a shirt for myself in almost a year. Designs weren't great when AA was available, I like purple but that shade just didn't do it for me. I think the other time was during the Woot Games, where I had like $0 spending money. So while the effort didn't go unnoticed, I still will wait.

Otherwise, I'd probably be looking at buying like 2-3 shirts right now.. like that Da Vinci Koopa shirt, a few ninjas, and something cute for my girlfriend.

EDIT after 3 minutes deleted.

Not gonna lie, that leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.


Totally on topic, but since I'm on probation (wish I could share my nice doggy icon with you) I'll post here that I think it's hilarious that Green Space is listed as out of print!


There had been speculation about this for a while, but it was a PM from @slacker44, who sent me a cryptic email that service had sent her, that made all the pieces fall into place. Thank you for helping us figure this out!


I'm loving going through the catalog. Making a list of the shirts I want, the ones I missed before, the ones I want to replace, just about everything by James Cho, etc. Even if I can't buy now, I want to be ready if more options become available.


@neuropsychosocial: Thanks for the shoutout! @trekmiss Exactly! Although I do wish the shirts were on AA, and I probably won't buy very many because they are on Anvil, I will be happy to spend a lot of my downtime at work browsing the archives!


@thunderthighs: I preferred the AA shirts, but I don't hate Anvil. Don't really have a dog in the fight here, but it seems rather absurd to censor someone's posts based on the fact that it doesn't fit in with the company's advertising strategy. Are the forums for legitimate discussion amongst the consumers (and inexpensive market research for Woot) or are we only allowed to tell each other how awesome it is just to have the opportunity to purchase from an authorized Amazon subsidiary? Just a thought on freedom of speech on what is still Veterans Day until I go to bed.


I have to say that this is not a freedom of speech issue. I absolutely have a freedom of speech. Woot does not HAVE to provide the means for me to express my opinions. Posting is a privilege and not a right. So, even though I disagree with the decision to censor or delete my posts, I will stand for Woot's right to do that.


@sgtgreeneusmc: We often remove off-topic posts from product discussion threads. The catalog blog is very similar in that we want the conversation to be on the topic of the catalog. There are obviously a lot of questions about this new feature and we want people to be able to browse the thread and easily find information.

There are plenty of threads in World of Woot Shirts for discussion of shirt blanks and you are invited to continue your discussions there.

As to freedom of speech, our Terms and Conditions of Use #12, states: Notwithstanding the foregoing, we reserve the right to modify or remove any Content at any time.


@thunderthighs: I spent probably 40 minutes trying to create a response I saw fitting to yours, each seemingly reflecting the 5 stages of grief.

Woot has lost it's charm, I've said it before... but with every change it seems to get worse.

I don't mean to come down on you, I think your a great person and I understand your doing what your superiors tell you to do, and that Woot is in the business to make money.

However, understand this.. if I cannot voice my opinion I'll do it another way, and the simplest way is to tighten my wallet, and to think about my purchases more carefully.

Because I feel like the business I want to support doesn't care nor has any interest in my opinion.


I really would love to have a sample of the new digital printing in my hands before I spend $18 on a shirt...shirt.woot! feel free to send me one for evaluation purposes in size MXL :)


@thunderthighs: I wonder if anyone at Woot has thought of a different way to censor without completely "disappearing" a scathing, but respectful or off topic comment?
Perhaps there is a way to collapse those comments into expandable links with something like "woot does not think this comment adds to the conversation. click here to read this comment," message?
I believe Amazon does this in their comment system. It keeps the cries of "censorship" down to a dull roar and it allows people to feel while their voices & opinions may be minimized, they're not crushed under some dictatorial Woot thumb.


What a shame, all those wonderful shirts and none that fit :P And all this post deleting and censorship. I guess there's two way woot could take the never-ending feedback - listen to it, or just repeatedly delete it. How disappointing.


@trekmiss, et. al.: Here's how I see it.
The switch to Anvil represents the end of an era at Shirt.Woot.
They will not go back to AA.
This is the reality.
Community and passionate people are nice to have, but realistically the vast majority of shirt purchasers could really give two shirts what blanks they are on.
Woot lost many passionate folks, and I'm sure staffers lament that fact, but profits are up, and more buying options are available, and Woot doesn't really need those passionate folks anymore.

Smalller boutique shops like "GoodJoe" are where you need to direct that passion. I'm sure they would apprieciate it.

j5 j5

I just noticed that the reckoning is now listed as Top 20 on the main page


Thank goodness. Randomly noticed it this morning while oggling my favourite old shirts. Came here to confirm it's true.

Worried about some colours and designs.

@natedogg828: Agreed. I would like to know how the digital prints shape up. Maybe someone can post here when they get one and leave a review?


@countdown: I have some DTG prints from Goodjoe and like them pretty well.
In fact, I suspect these will print better than the current silk-screened side-sale shirts because it eliminates some of the error vectors.

j5 j5

I'm so excited!! I finally get to order "Uh Oh" for my cousin, the helicopter pilot!
I'm sure there are other shirts I need too... I can't wait until I have time to browse 48 pages of Woot Goodness. :D


I think this is a cool idea, but like many others, I think it would be an even much cooler idea if the shirts were printed on higher-quality AA blanks.

I remember offering to pay a few bucks extra for AA. Instead, they've given us the option to pay extra for something custom. Eh.


The new catalog is pretty great - though I was disappointed when I found the ONE shirt I wanted to order (out of dozens I own) to be 'out of print'. Perhaps it is due to offbeat blank color. Curse my uncanny ability to get ketchup on every one of my "favorite" shirts...


Doesn't it bother anybody else that Woot has completely forsaken their business model?


@thepenrod: Yes. It's bothered a lot of people - but they are not going to go "backward" in this plan to become a powerhouse.

@trekmiss: I agree with your views on AA. I too am seriously disappointed that I cannot order great designs, because the shirts are a terrible fit on me. (I will leave all of my other Anvil issues out of this ATM.) I am curious though - did you ever get a chance to try on an Anvil?

I figured the launch thread would be tightly moderated, so kept my thoughts to myself. Namely this one:
"I would be so broke right now... if these were on AA."


@thepenrod: It concerns me a bit. I would've expected something like the Threadless model where styles go out of print, people can vote for them to reprint, and they're back until the batch is gone. Here, it loses a lot of the urgency and compromises the once-a-day uniqueness. In fact, it's contrary to woot and woot plus, as you noted. Still, I prefer the shirt.woot styles compared to most other shirt-a-day sites.


@thumperchick: I actually have a few Anvils now, mostly MXL. Next random, I still need to try an ML, but I doubt it will be any better. The MXL is already too short, but the neck is so huge it falls off my shoulder. I tried WXL, and it was too short out of the bag, even before washing, and the sleeves were too tight. Due to my weight loss, I have a very tough body to fit, but AA shirts did the trick. Each time I went down a size, they still fit in all the right places.

@j5: I have ordered a handful of shirts from Goodjoe. Love them! My main disappointment right now is realizing that I may never be able to replace my favorite Woot shirts that I've had for years, but are way too big.


@j5: More so than country of origin, there are folks who hate the switch because of the fit (or lack thereof). I don't think there would be as much outcry if they went to blanks that did offer a similar (or better) fit. Both DBH and TeeTurtle uses Next Level blanks (made in Nicaragua, Mexico, El Salvador, or China), and I found them to be more acceptable in their cut than the 980's or even the new Threadless shirts which are made in the USA.


BTW, @trekmiss, don't bother with the ML ... you've seen my pic. And I still need to make it to the PO ...

@mistamoose: Threadless pays a flat rate on a reprint, whereas the artist's commissions are ongoing here at Woot for each and every sale. It's a positive to allow everything to be available at all times.


@thunderthighs: As for removing off-topic comments, I completely agree....if the topic is the new "all Woot shirts" and someone chimes in with "I like pizza." Not sure that expressing one's distaste for the fact that the older designs will in fact NOT be the same shirts because of a supply chain change qualifies as off topic, unless, again, we are talking about deleting any opinion that doesn't fit with company self-image or bouncing the complainer over to a double secret probation thread.

Secondly, I don't need to go to another thread because I'm not discussing the shirt blanks.

Finally, I'm not questioning your RIGHT to arbitrarily delete content, but instead, the WISDOM of the corporate policy to do so. It isn't even so much that you removed the posts as it is about how you did it with such disdain and malice. Perhaps a little tact is in order when squashing others' opinions.

PS - thunderthighs, this is not a personal attack on you; we all know you're just doing your job.


It's about time! All the people who asked "WHERE DID YOU GET THAT SHIRT" and then got a "Woot, but it's gone" reply will be very happy.

ignores thread drama


@narfcake: The only reason I would try anyway, is... well, there are 3 reasons.

1. To show that I'm trying the shirts myself to validate my opinion.
2. Because there is still a lot of fun in ordering a random shirt and wondering which one will come.
3. I'll have another shirt that I can donate to my Shirts for Bolivia project.


@trekmiss: Don't give up on the shirts quite yet. You've lost weight and that's fabulous! You might find that your body shape continues to shift for an extended period of time and clothing will continue to fit differently. Until then, do what I'm forced to do, buy to fit the boobs and then pull & tuck all the extra fabric at the waist into the back of your jeans.


@narfcake: Don't know much about Next Level, would they be able to meet the volume requirements Woot has?

j5 j5

Do random days now come from the whole catalog?


@jeeperwoot: No. The whole catalog is DTG, meaning printed only when ordered. The daily offerings and side sales will continue to be screen printed with their nominal productions overruns for the reckoning sales.

@j5: No idea, but we're still having some inventory issues with Anvil now. @ramyb, do you by chance know if your printer/supplier had logistic issues before?


People like/prefer AA, just bring back AA.


It's like the children of divorced parents begging for a reconciliation after the parents have remarried.
Not going to happen kids.

j5 j5

@trekmiss: Don't feel too bad about being censored - they're censoring other wootployees too.


Meh. I've read enough about the Anvil blanks that I'm not willing to try one.


@lavikinga: Unless I gain 100 lbs in my neck, it will never work!


@trekmiss: The neck holes aren't so much of an issue for me. A bigger hole gets less make up on it. ;)
Ever since thyroid issues reared their ugly heads years ago, I've hated anything up around my throat, especially crew neck shirts and have been known to cut the ribbing off a few AA shirt necklines in the past. I left the fabric raw edged and it conveniently curled to make an interesting neckline.
My objection to the Anvil necklines is they always look like they've been shoved in a pocket whether line or machine dried.


@lavikinga: Believe me, I understand about the thyroid issue. I can't wear turtlenecks for the same reason. As far as crew necks, I don't have a problem. I am uber modest, and these neck holes are so big I show a bra strap, and the neck just about falls off my shoulder. That is due to the fact that my upper body is a couple sizes smaller than my middle. The more fitted style of the AA shirts seem to help that issue. Anvil shirts just look frumpy and sloppy on me.


@lavikinga: just a side note, every time I see your name I read it as "lava-king".


j5 j5

@j5: I know. I get that pretty frequently. Capital letters and proper punctuation can make a world of difference. Are you reading this, Woot?