questionsbig low end tablet with camera?


You say it doesn't have to have much battery life so I assume she will not be taking it on the go. Here's a left field suggestion-- hook a cheap desktop with webcam to the TV set. Some of the folks in my role-playing group have moved away and sometimes they Skype in for a game. I've got a desktop hooked to my TV and we plug in the webcam and mike when they want to play and have them bigger than life on the 65" TV with surround sound.


Maybe I am missing something...SEVENTEEN inch Android tablet? Low end? Is this REALLY what you are searching for?


@morriea: Maybe something like a Coby version of

I was halfway thinking about strapping a raspi onto a monitor, but that sounded clunky...

The TV idea is a good one... I wonder if there are any "small/smart" TV's that can do skype...


@thormj: the link is no good, but I know the Asus. I believe you are looking for something (low end 17") that does not exist. Toshiba made a 13 for awhile and they are very difficult to find because nobody ever bought the eXcite 13. Best of luck.


@philosopherott: Ooh... that looks really close....
I gotta see how you click the icons, but if it's even close to reasonable, many thanks!


@morriea: [laughing] I am so glad you asked that; it's good to know I wasn't alone in my wonderment.


I was going to suggest a TV with a cheap HDMI enabled tablet attached, or a Bluetooth connection. But the suggestion by @philosopherott: is a better one.


@thormj: no worries. they also have cheaper android "tv sticks" ou thteir but I haven't heard a lot about the abitity to hook up a web cam to them so these units with the camera already attached might be a good buy for ~$100.
If you do get one a review would be appriciated.


I know this isn't what you are saying you're looking for ( not cheap & not Android) but it's so cool (IMO) that I've been itching to post it just in case it resonates with you. Plus as someone else said - a 17" tablet + "low end"? I'm not sure that math exists. But anyway ch-ch-check it out.

When they start showing up in the Dell Outlet, I might just be needin' to treat myself to one.


Found one!

Acer DA220HQL - MSRP $499, on sale today for $299.
Still more than I want, but less than absurd.

Too bad touch screens seem to be expensive :/


@thormj: Ha!. Nice one. I might even get one myself!!!


@thormj: You know, I almost bought one. Maybe I'm a little thick, but since it's a "monitor" I wasn't crystal clear if you could just use it as a huge, stand alone tablet or not. That almost seems too good to be true considering how much a good 10" Android tablet goes for.

But maybe more importantly, I just don't trust that 1saleaday.

I think if I come across that deal again elsewhere - especially if the price is even lower - I think I'll snap one up. (I hope Woot is listening. wink-wink, nudge-nudge)


Ahhhhhh. Doy! no internal battery. That must be what separates the tablets from the monitors.
Check it! I has answer me own question.